Sunday, March 15, 2009


Hey i know i been saying that i just work and work... but there are times i just join friends to chill out and do gathering.... haha maybe i am saying this to say i do have life in Brunei! hahahaha

Saturday, March 14, 2009


Our Clinical Psychology finally moved! After few weeks we were dragging haha... and well.. despite our old unit was small but it brought memories to us.... see it is empty now!

Well, we moved to the new "old" building... it used to be the nursing hostel at RIPAS... well... from the outside honest it looked abandoned! Well... and past few days, had no out-patients as we were moving and patients could not locate us... we still cleaning and unpacking actually... and the treatment/therapy rooms are not completed just yet and the items i ordered have not arrived... especially the reclining chairs for the therapy rooms! And well... slowly.... this is what been done so far... will get better!


I think this song can really describe me! well... it is called "TAK MUDAH"... of course it is by Potret, an indonesian band... and the singer is Melly Goeslow.... who else! she is brilliant!

"Sampai nanti bila waktu itu tiba
Ku jadi kekasihmu
Dan ku hanya untukmu
Ku sarankan kau pahami aku dulu
Tak mudah mengerti aku
Ku lain dari yang lain
Menjaga aku bukan hal yang mudah
Mencintaiku itu pun tak mudah
Aku lain dan tak sama dengan yang lain
Mungkin kau baru dapatkan
Aku senang cinta tapi yang tak lazim
Ku senang cinta penuh tantangan
Asal kau tahu untuk mendapatkanku
Bukan hal mudah bahkan sulit, tak mudaaah"

Saturday, March 7, 2009

What been happening...

Well, i know i havent updated much... well been busy with works... nothing much really... and well we were supposed to move to our new place... so juggling with moving and work... and my Lazy bug!
Anyhow... i went to Miri yesterday to send out the wedding invites and some stuffs.... nothing much changes except more shops and building and well... i am not a shopaholics so it was just okay for me. I went with mum and dad....
And well... today for once i attended a meeting and i was the only one guy attended and had to baca the doa to start.... well i dont know any doa so just ALFATIHAH hehehe... and well.... it was health allied meeting and i wasnot paying too much attention as i felt stuffy! must be the new paint n the carpet in the meeting room... i was a bit wizzy.... anyhow.... thats all....
and well i started to watch Smallville season 8 well the story is better slightly as the season b4 i didnt like it... and i will start on heroes soon... i will stop buying new dvds until i finished watching all the one i bought hahaha.... anyhow... thats all i been up to.... nothing much really!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Some asked for my latest pic... i havent taken any,.... maybe when my sis wedding soon then it would b more... i know it is lame... this is my new pic... taken by a friend. Still the same! ahhaha

Monday, March 2, 2009


Eh if you all remember about the post me seeing some person... i can say now it is not working... as this person kept pressuring and asking what are we... i mean i was just being honest for the fact that i may like this person and thats it... love... care... not there yet... no feeling involvement ..... so when i was asked by this person, i told the truth and apparently that is no good! so well.. that the end of it.... i wont comment much... just that it made me missed someone else ... the one i love... the one i cant be with... thus the complicated bit!! hehee.... anyhow.... thats it for now.... on this matter! :)