Sunday, October 24, 2010


Gemini men take great pride in their ability for communicate ideas and to hold to their own in an intelligent discussion. If you’re not able to keep up with them, then you’ll win a few Brownie points with them. Gemini men can get bored easily if you can’t hold their attention or maintain an interesting level of communication with them.
Being a Gemini bloke, you probably a little edgy, ready and raring to go. You can’t handle hanging around for things to happen; you’re a go-getter and therefore always on the move, ready for the next exciting adventure. You’re a livewire.
You’re a chameleon by nature and adapt yourself easily to any situation in which you find yourself. You can’t handle being tied down; but if that’s your choice, you’ll find no problem with it. It others impose their schedules or timetables on you, however, you feel trapped and unable to be the master of your own destiny.
Geminis often exhibit independent and free style of personality traits. Money (and the lifestyle that it can buy) is very important to you as well. You’d do anything to achieve respect and honour in your chosen field but you must be careful to work consistently and maintain focus on one thing sufficiently long enough to achieve the results.
If you’re finding it hard to commit to one path, you’ll need to get the boredom factor under control and look for variety within one chosen field of activity. Sport as well is a great way of helping you to focus. You’re never fearful of trying something unusual, learning new skills and meeting different people. Your enthusiasm gives you a buzz and also enlightens those with whom you come into contact. Few Gemini ‘retire’; rather let’s just say they ‘rewire’! You’ll continue to be a lover of knowledge and a student of life into old age.
Emotionally, you’re a little detached and this is difficult for your partner to understand. You’re restless and fidgety when it comes to committing yourself to someone because you love your independence so much. Your emotional responsibility is something you may need to work on a little more.


I was reading a book about Gemini. It is the zodiac for those are born between 22 May and 21 June. It is a book by Dadhichi, a famous TV astrologer. Not to believe all of it but it was fun reading it. I will not elaborate on all but just few points which I think worth to mention here.

There are 3 classes of Gemini:
- Those born between 22 May and 1 June are solely focused on intellectual and communicative pursuits. Education, reading and any type of learning to further your intellectual satisfaction is ideal. Mercury is powerful for you and gives you el primo mental reflexes.
- Born between 2 and 12 June, Venus will have considerable influence over you making you very sensual and emotional in temperament. Unlike other Geminis, your feelings will get the better if you at times. Emotions are an important part of your life.
- If you are born between 13 and 21 June, you have a bit of wild side to you. The sign of Aquarius co-rules you and this means you’re harmlessly mad. You’re fun person who loves to walk on the wilder side of life, experiencing things that others rarely dare to attempt. This will make your life an exciting journey.

My comment: I think I am the mixed of the three above. Is that making me super Gemini?! Hehehe....


This song, first i heard it couple of months ago.. at first i thought it was too malay or too 'kampungan' but the more i listen to it... it grew on me and i really like the song and the melody... kinda sad at times as it really touches me... and well i know so far, in this domain... i never have any good luck... won't give up hahaha... like the song... i am listening to it now even :)

Lagu Eren – Takkan Pisah

"sayang aku ingin berbicara kepadamu
tentang apa yang tengah aku rasakan
ada apa, ada apa katakanlah semuanya
ku kan dengarkan duhai cintaku

bila nanti orang tuamu meridhoi dengan
apa yang ku rasakan padamu
semua orang tua ingin yang terbaik untuk anaknya
begitu pun orang tuaku

kau takkan tinggalkanku
takkan pernah, sayangku
janjimu janjiku untukmu

takkan ada yang pisahkan kita
sekali pun kau telah tiada
akan ku pastikan
ku kan memeluk menciummu di surga

jangan kau pergi tinggalkan aku
bawa aku ke mana kau mau
janji ku padamu
jiwa dan ragaku mati pun ku mau"
It is sunday today. I just woke up about an hour ago and it is almost midday now. Well... i missed the invitation for the MUKIM SIHAT this morning... somewhere in Jerudong. Well, it is sunday and i needed my sleep. The invitation stated 6.20am hahaha... even last night i was 'good luck in waking up Yus!'. I did want to go as it has been some time i attend MOH events... i should start attending one soon. :)
Well... not much plan for the day... just lazying around. I intend to finish my reading today... i bought some books during my last trip and will finish them. Then maybe if i have the mood... do more research on Dementia... and well... definitely i m off to do my hiking today at Shahbandar... well... i don't think much of someone today... i wonder is that a good sign... as i need to clarify my feeling and well... i thought of someone else... ermmm... anyhow... i just hope i be okay no matter what.
Oh ya...i am supposed to have coffee later with Hanif... it has been ages since i last saw him. Catching up etc. My god... we are so busy with our own life... and well now... i guess i better check what can i have for lunch! :)
I am not sure whether i am angry or not... but for u... this is how i feel with what had happened today! well not entirely but roughly la...

Dulu Kau pernah bilang,
kita selalu berdua
Dulu kau pernah bilang,
kita tak akan terpisah...
Dulu kau ucap janji
Cinta harus berbagi....
Dulu Kau ucap janji,
kita sehidup semati....
Kini semua berakhir,
Kau pergi dan takkan kembali...
mengapakah ini terjadi...
disaat ku cinta padamu....
Kini Cintaku mati...
Terkubur didalam hati
Tak akan ada yang lain...
Sampai nanti ku mengundur diri..."

Well just a song... but ya... :)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

I just want to mention that for Danny's birthday... we went to Miri to celebrate. Well.. Three of us.. Danny, Azim and myself... for info.. we are all cousins... so it was like a family trip... it was fun for once just us... see our pics... we like it so much hehe....
This just came across my mind.. just say you are on FB or MSN... why is that certain people never approach you first unless you approach them. For me, it simply telling you that you are more into that person that the other one ya.. right? i mean i am not talking random people but say your friends. It made me think at times... why do we have to be the first to say hi... if we don't, they wont say hi to you. It can be give and take but when i realized it has always been me saying hi or hello first... it made me wonder at times... why cant they made the first move at times... i do get tired you know... and like asking ppl for coffee or hang out... if i don't... no... i mean not all... I got Danny asking me coffee all the times... i got Farhan... i got Justina... etc these what i call as friendship... as it is both sides. So i want to tell myself... for some people as i am tired being the one keeping asking or inviting so i will stop now... for once... people it is nice to be asked out... coffee etc... not just one sided... so i am just sticking to people that do vice versa... that is what i call friendship :) .... So you out there... if u think i don't keep in touch... think again... as i think i normally do keep in touch just that the touch is getting tired as only one sided...
I know at times i realized that maybe i am not made for relationship... all gone down the drain... i know god made us someone but i haven't found that someone yet. I am not looking but i know at times i am searching. Incoherent it may sound. Anyhow... this is how i feel lately... i feel my relationship is so not balanced. This is how i felt... about my love...

Dingin dalam hati mengingat dirimu kasih
Tertutup lembar cerita cinta
Jgn biarkan aku menanggis sendiri...
Menyendiri tanpa kau disini
Cintaku kuingin sepertimu
Tak merindu walaupun jauh dariku
Cintaku maaf aku tak tahan..
Menghadapi dinginnya hatimu
Sampai kini kasih tak ada dapat kucari
Walaupun begini aku tetap cinta engkau...."

Saturday, October 9, 2010

I knw i have lots of nice moments during my trip... but i surely miss these people... they were wonderful and it was memorable cuz of them!

Was showing some trip pictures just now... sis was impressed. Ermm... mum no comment only asking about the henna tatoo i had on my arm... it was henna... henna... if it is for real... you would reckon i would show it? 'sigh' .... Wat wrong wit that... even in Brunei we have henna... in carnival etc... wedding people do henna... wat's the big deal..... exact question 'is it still visible'... wat if it is... after all it was not permanent tatoo... and ya aura was all negative!

Friday, October 8, 2010

I am just wondering to what extend can you be control. I know it is not nice to talk about this. But at times,i am just so fed up to be asked little things and seems like you cant have your freedom at all. Being criticized for anything, the way you dress etc. And like can your parents understand your routine etc. I know it is not good to talk ill of your parents, i am aware of that. But like you are an adult,leave some room for trust and freedom. To be constantly getting text messages when you are out 'jalan-jalan' like 'dont be home late mum said'... once or twice maybe okay but all the times! Cut me some slacks! like last night for certain times, i went out at about 7pm just to grab dinner and coffee with my mates... text msg... 'dont be home late'... this is like many times! Wat the %^&*!! and like today, i am up early, went down to have breakfast, was asked "you r up early, where are you going"... i m just down to get coffee... and like what you need to knw! Do i have to report all?!! Like most time... i be in my sport attire, i be asked 'where you off to?' i am like 'u need to ask... sport... meaning hiking.. i been doing it like for many years.. cant u just understand it without asking'... its pathetic... at the age of over 30 yrs, at times i do have to like 'sneak' if i go out as to avoid questions... u know us... at times just out to get dvds etc n to be asked the whole time where to... its just too much and ya... and ya... well there is more but i dont knw... like what i what extend we can be control.. and well being parents... even about money they would interfere and well... mine at times... even interfere my work... sigh!