Sunday, December 28, 2008

JUST MEMORIES with Laurane and Conie..

I thought just do this to say how much i will miss Laurane and Conie.. it had been great knowing both of them! And had fun out and playing boardgames!! Will miss u two!

Another farewell...

While i was in Rundle doing my errands, i received sms from Conie saying "good bye" as she is boarding to Malaysia and once she is back here i am not here. So sad another good bye!! from another person that is so nice! and have been great friend and company!! Keep in touch dearest Conie!!

Friday, December 26, 2008


Wow again it was eating time! Went to Eli's house for christmas lunch... just some pics here.. am so tired at the moment to write haha... Hang out with Izza, Ho San and Euan for the after. Went dinner and played games at my place. Anyhow ppl till later. Will write longer in future!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

A good day....

Clarissa cooked for us tonight and we went to UV for christmas dinner. It was nice of her and very lovely of her. I just know her recently and she is one nice girl. Thanks so much the dinner was good!

I just realised i took pictures and i was not in it! hahaha.... And well, after monopoly and games, we headed home. On the way, i dropped Ben, Amanda first and they had surprised! Well Yih Lun too... Yup another gifts!! So nice... and i was like shy and they made me teary!!

Well not only me... Ho san got gifts too! And honestly it was really a nice thought and gifts! I will keep for memories!!

Me with Replica... bought by Yih Lun, Ben and Amanda... it is amazing... i so will bring this back!! So unique!!

And this made me touched!! this is what they see in me... A good best friend! wow!! Honestly, it really touches my heart and i was in tears a bit while in the car! and Few days ago... we went to wacky shop and saw one amusing toy called Gaydar... so funny and They got that for me for fun! hahahaha.... a good gadget!! for laugh!!

This few week have been great... after my emotional moment with my stupid ex thing... ppl come and cheer me up! i feel so blessed! and well now i am honestly feel upset to leave! but this is life! I have more friends here than anywhere.... and well i know it is not about quantity but here is quantity with quality!! Anyhow... til later!! You ppl make me cried! So touch!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I was at airport to see Euan's parents off. They are nice people! Euan's mother send her regards to my parents... definitely will do that. And Kieu really think Euan's mum is cute! hehehe... n very motherly and affectionate! hehehe... anyhow... a bit tired now.. oh ya... the present thing continues!! I got a tie, a very nice silk tie from Rai and Preety... very thoughtful and definitely will use!! Tnxs again!!

Wow... present exchanged continues!! I am so touched that Thy, Kieu and Sarah... gave me this wonderful and very pretty cufflink... its hugo boss. So nice... i am so touched!! and the colour is so nice... light blue... Thank you again!! so wonderful!!These people are great!! Make me emo again!

Monday, December 22, 2008


Ken and me planned and combined the two things together. His advanced birthday and my farewell dinner. We went to Wok at Unley Road and it was really nice. A group of us... and i felt so touched that Clarissa even gave me gift for my farewell! It was so nice of her!! Paiseh la! And well.. just some pictures. We talked a lot and it would be more comfortable but it was freezing in there! But it was one nice dinner i must say. Anyhow as like Euan saying, the more nearer it is to leave, the more upset you can get! But well this is life.. i must be okay with this... with Ireland and UK before... but like maybe now i have more friends from other countries thus why as with Uk especially mostly are from Brunei so no problem! And like i said... people that i met here and made friends are really nice people and worth to keep in touch with. Anyhow... some pictures like always!


Many best wishes to Preety... She graduated today and known as Dr Roy!! Yay!!


These are made by hanh... so nice... chocoate into bouquet! Very nice and creative!

While up here is the card signed by people at K.K for me... So sad! and honestly it really touches my heart that these people are nice and welcome me into their life! Thanks kieu for that! I do hate farewell!


Last night we had gathering for the K.K... i dont know what it stands for but it is like a secret santa thing... its with kieu and co. We had it at my apartment and it was in conjunction of my leaving as well. So we each brought foods and got together. And the budget for each gift is $20 but seemed that some people did overbudget! haha... Mine was a ferragamore... i am secret santa for Truong. Alex thought it was more than $20... i got it on sale! I am good! Anyhow, it was good gathering and i do feel a bit down as i am leaving these wonderful people. Some pictures posted here!

Sunday, December 21, 2008


Today well... just normal day... as promised, up and called ken. As we wanted to go Rundle for lunch and just walk around a bit. Izza saw us but she didnt yell as she said we were immersed in our shopping haha... i need to get some shirts as i spoiled some! haha... anyhow... then we decided that at night together with others, we would go to Lobethal to see some christmas light. Three cars, i joined Ken... and we had our little picnic in the car. Hahaha... well there was jammed and eventually we managed to get there. And here are some pics... most pictures are in facebook. Just that we need camera! And we dont know what setting to use! hahaah... Okay till later!

Friday, December 19, 2008


Just wanna say good bye to Laurane in here. She is leaving for holiday tomorrow and once she is back i wont be in Adelaide... It has been wonderful knowing you dear! You are nice and very sweet!! Have a good year ahead! and thank you for coming to the graduation ya!!