Monday, September 21, 2015

There are times where you cant to wonder how quick people can change. And from A turned to B like a flip of coin and like how you can be a special someone then you are not. So make you wonder that how? and you can't help to wonder that all these while what were those feeling for example and how come someone can just throw and change opinion just like that. And so easy. It means that the person ain't real!
And yes I think you are FAKE! Get it!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Hi, its September 2015 and seemed that 2015 is finishing soon and seriously I feel so not productive this year!
Many drama or Sandiwara beside me lately... til to the point I don't know whom to trust anymore. So many, being confronted, the oz fucker... and many. And just few days ago, an acquaintance that ignored me msg me saying sorry as now he found the truth.
One thing I realized in life is that when you try to be a good person and a bigger person, you end up being the bad one. At times I questioned god.. is this how it is supposed to work? Good ppl will be treated bad... I don't understand.
Anyhow, maybe it is times to just care about ourselves... and those that are worth.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Just wanna say at times on FB you can meet great and good ppl... Here wanna say that I really like the friendship I have with this person. One day definitely we will meet in person...

I really like these pics of me and Thai...

On a brighter note... a friend whom i know from Vietname came for a visit. We met almost a year ago in Hanoi. It was nice...

Hye... with all life goes on... anyhow.... I am still fren with F although must say I am shocked with the transition where A totally turned to B. I am thinking what I am seeing now is the actual F while all these while... it was just an illusion. Come one we only knew each other for two months only... maybe it was short to actually a person.. and let me tell you here... oh my god... Seriously you are that great to start off with.. and knowing the real you... You are far more ugly than an ugly person!

Another thing is that I am trying to explore and write about how a picture on wassap can actually influence a person. Say you hate A and all you think is bad of A and Say A use different picture and it is all suddenly different although it is still A.

Deep down... i feel wow and what a fool you can be! And your fakeness amazed me!