Monday, February 6, 2012


I am not sure not all know about this luxury apartment in Brunei known as the PUNI INDAH LUXURY RESIDENCE. It is situated at ONG SUM PING, yes where the government offices are and currently the new Polytechnic. The reason I am writing is to share my experience. I was first introduced to this place few months ago where I accompanied friends for an appreciation dinner there. It was nice and very welcoming.
My second visit was just last Saturday 4th February 2012 to have dinner with my friends there. My friend is a tenant there. Being new, I was cautious, and when i entered the premise, I did slow down expected to be stopped by the guard there as I am not resident but no, so hence i thought it was ok to enter n parked my car. Yes i had doubt about where to park and I parked behind where there was not even a single car around at that time, the parking slots were almost empty. As my friend was still out, i waited outside the entrance for about almost ten to fifteen minutes (where i was visible to the guard station) and then waited I entered the Lobby as it was hot outside. A friend came to join me later and as she asked and was instructed to park at visitor carpark (which btw not clearly visible at night and for new comer, we would not know). Well I did come across that maybe I had parked my car at the wrong spot. Not long after I had this thought, while at lobby, I was approached by the guard (asked sternly by him as if it was such a huge crime and like wow like he owned the place). His tone was not polite but hey, i went and moved my car as instructed.
When i parked my car at the allocated space and I was out of my car, again he approached me again. The way i was approached, it was abrupt and rude as he stated, "next time do ask us... can u not see that we are working here and asked us... if you park at the tenant's place, they would complaint (seriously was empty) bla bla'... Yes i acknowledged that and simply noded and Yes.
I walked towards the entrance to the lobby again to join my friend waiting there and he kept blabbering again alongside me. I was not in any mood to strike any conversation and like yes you did you job and leave me alone. You don’t have to keep saying it... I GOT IT! (all were in my head). He kept blabbering and i just said finally to him... “Ok i got it... Whatever!”... This was the point i knew he was angry with me as he thought I was rude. I was like nope… you started it. I walked quickly and left him behind. I walked into the lobby and sat down with my friend and guess what, he was not satisfied, he opened the door and in high pitch and tone, reprimanded me that I was rude to him and he was not pleased. I kept quiet and there he was blab la… so I replied back “YES GOT IT… ENOUGH!”. Then saw my friend’s car came (the one staying there) and wow… the guard went to them and complaint about me. My friend and his family just listened to him and did not comment on anything. I was informed that he looked really mad and pissed and kept insisting that I was rude. My friend just listened and ya… who cares just a minor disagreement and dissatisfaction. Then, we went up and had dinner. Seriously, I was disturbed by the incident and it was pretty much spoiled my mood. I just want to get it over and done dinner and out. Furthermore, I had other engagement to go to again. So an hour later, after dinner was done about 9+pm, I excused myself and went down to my car to leave. It did come across my mind that I would face the guard again. I could not be more wrong. I was there sitting in my car waiting for him to release the pole and let me out. As expected, he ignored and just let me be in my car. He refused to let me out. I was like oh my god… he was not over it. In malay I said to myself.. “Liwan jua org tua ane… nda sedar diri membawa rasa marahnya”… not stereotyping maybe he is an ex army whom the society always label them being short tempered and many anger problem (not all I must say so do not get me wrong!). My phone rang and I picked it up. While answering the phone, I saw him out of his hut and went to my car. I scrolled the window down to be reprimanded again. HELL I SAID I DON’T DESERVE THIS… I AM A GUEST HERE!! But I just listened as I knew there was no point in arguing back. All I wanted was to go out and leave. While all these happened, my phone was still on and my friend on the other line could listen and she was worried sick about my safety as she could tell how mad and angry this guard was and who knew what could happened. I asked him what did he want, just forget it. Being ego, I refused to apologize as he started it first. And he kept blabbering again and yes this moment it was more to harrassment! Asking where i live and my background and stated i was such a rude person. And proudly he asked what I was going to do as he would not let me go out (sounded like I am so powerful, aint i? you are stuck now). I was rushing for my next engagement and needed to go soon but he delayed me. I said to him I would not deal with him and just let me go. There was no sign of him slowing down... and yes i was abrupt and saw there was space in between the poles that I thought could squeeze my car and out. So I did that... without realising there was something there... I knew I hit something but what I had in mind was just I WANTED OUT. I did not know what damage I had caused… Yes I was impulsive there I must say. My car made sound after that and I knew I had to get it checked and fixed. I did that as seriously there was no sign or watsoever that the guard would let me out and i had to do that. I was like wow what a night well what a terrifying night I had. And I was alone by myself. I did inform my friends whom stayed there after that but what could they do.
I am not saying that PURI INDAH is bad, it can be better. The image they portrayed was not how I felt that night. I felt unsafe and all I wanted was out of the place. That was my worst experience with guards. I worked at time at Palace and the security there was tight and yet I felt welcome and they were nice. Come on… that is Palace and this is just apartment for commoners (well was told more to expat though more to foreigners). That made me think, one of the questions that the guard at PURI asked me was I local? I didn’t know the point of asking that question but maybe that was why he was rude to me as, if I was not local, he would treat me better. Being local is such a low standard to be there at PURI maybe. I am a frequent visitors at ARMADA EXCUTIVE HOUSE, RIMBA as well and wow.. I must salute the management and the security guards there as I never encountered this and the guards are nice and well-mannered even when they stopped us for questions, they asked in the most polite way and very customer caring.
This experience caused me distressed and very traumatic. I am not happy and not pleased. Friends advice that I seek legal advice or report for harassment. I just feel I do not need that. And well, looking at the advert… PURI is stated as luxury residence but wow… it was not for me indeed it was horrific and terrifying!

Friday, February 3, 2012

hi nothing much today... i am just excited that in a week i am off to Kl and then to Seoul.... i dont know being in Brunei cant stressed me out! hate it! ha ha ha..... anyhow...
Well... wat lately seriously nothing much.... and well MOH will have the career thingie this coming week... hope it okays... but i know it will be lame as well!