Tuesday, January 27, 2009


while i was at Hua Ho just now... I saw this chocolate...SEYCHEL... oh my .... it made me think of D so much... really miss her... despite i just talked to her yesterday! hahaha..... well... long distance is hard! but we will live! right D!! anyhow... do miss u lots!


Oh ya while i was not well, just at home in my room, i went through my old album and found old pictures while i was in ireland and Uk.... Top is here i think my first year in Cork, Ireland... with Sing howe, Misle, Atai, Kak Aneh, Kak Incan, Atai and even Miss Hani wow what an old pic and old time!! Down here it was in Blackpool, Uk if i am not mistaken.... wow.... i remember i went there with Shodeena....
Oh... i remember this is in Leeds, while it was snowing and i remember it was Hari Raya and Christmas as well... i remember very well.... we went to few houses and then headed to Town for boxing sale! haha..... I cant remember when was this... i think it was easter... i think we went to Liverpool and on the way back we stopped at Huddersfield....

This is i know... one of the pier in Barcelona! went during easter break! love this place so much!!

I honestly cant remember what this place called, all i know it is in Barcelona.....

This is LaSagada Familia... i hope the spelling is correct... this is a must when you visit Barcelona!

This one i know... Town hall area in Leeds... we just had our routine sport day.... on saturday... and can see me and Ida,... just chilling out hahahaha............

This is a farewell dinner... with Sadhani, Yuan and Tara.... in leeds.....

This is just out... during the opening of the christmas light and i remember we shopped first! I can see Liza was shopping and i remember she bought boots!

This is when i last celebrated Raya in Brunei... i think was 3 years ago.... With Haiza, Mawar and Shirley.

Good old days!!! Studio photo man!! hahaha with Mur, Azhan, Meela, Wee ping and Reena... and Haiza!

Just the beach!

Just good old days ya!!


After many years that we been away and always not in the same place or country, finally this year i am able to celerate Haiza's birthday! i know it was not grand but to be able to wish and do something for her was nice! I bought cake and gift for her and as she was in hospital looking after her dad, i kind of took some of her time and asked her to come to my clinic... well it was just us... me and her and i asked Ziyah to come along... more the merrier ya! hahaha... anyhow... Happy Birthday again!

Monday, January 26, 2009

I am so fed up with being not well... the moment i feel ok, and then bam! i am unwell again! I have sore throat again,... and it was inflammed... hurt so much,.. and i got fever! and now cold! i am like argghhhhhhhhh!
anyhow.. i just stay home most of the time... so i can recuperate! and just stay in my home most of the time! I watched lots of DVDs.... and today i finished reading one malay novel, it is called "Cinderella Pantai Timur". It was just an okay book! But i cant help thnking it would make a great "sinetron"! hahaha....
and now... well... i am thinking what else to watch... as honestly with my head etc my running nose, i am just not in the position to write a long entry here... i have lots to write! anyhow... will catch up later!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

I heard this song by ST12, well this is the album that i have now in my car that i listen almost everyday... one song entitle SAAT TERAKHIR... one part of the lirik is so wow.... in malay i called it as so "syahdu" and "tangkap leleh"... the part:
"Satu Jam saja ku telah bisa cintai... kamu kamu kamu...di hatiku... namun bagiku melupakan butuh waktuku seumur hidupku... Satu jam saja ku tealh bisa... sayangi kamu dihatiku... Namun bagiku melupakanmu butuh waktu seumur hidup"

I really like this bit... i dedicate this to my ex! well... listening to the song, i could not help but think like that! Anyhow... roughly it translates as like "it only take an hour to love... you you you... but it would take me a lifetime to forget you! it only take an hour to have you in my heart... but it would take me a lifetime to forget you!"

okay maybe i am emo! but it is the weather! Blame it on the weatherman! :P

The day...

Wow... the rain was really bad last few days... even my clinic flooded! haha well... i dont know what wrong with the wall or watever that the floor was filled with water... despite it was not ground! so hassle to have the cleaner to have the water sucked etc! Maybe got leaking... and well, the rain was really bad that landslide etc and two died. Many places were affected. Even the underground tunnel to my hospital was closed! and i had to detour... well tomorrow i have early round... i make sure i reach early and beat all jammed!
Anyhow... Haiza is here and i feel sorry that this visit is unexpected. Her dad had surgery today.. was a big i mean major surgery... it lasted so long... and i hope Haiza is strong. I feel so helpless at times, i cant b much help but i will try to be there for her. Thats all i can do and pray the best.
Anyhow.. Hanh still sorry i havent got the time to email you back! and Kieu so sorry i havent been online! And the pic on facebook so sweet of you... good times with yus! I miss u all!
And well Chinese new year is coming! Wish you all my chinese frens the best of year! Anyhow... i hope my C&D doing well... sorry havent been online for so long... been busy! anyhow till later!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

So far

How am i having my life here so far? haha... so far like i said i been not well... i think i do need rest to recuperate and aircon here and there not helpful! not good for me! me and my sinus! anyhow... work so far i am adapting to the timetable... with rounds etc! and back to see patients and adjusting and make sure all ok. And back to giving therapy... i know i dont like ReBT but yesterday i thought that was the best one to utilise! hahaha.... and i have few inpatients and like i said to ppl, cases in Brunei are unique! all different and you must be able to come up with a lot of different things. However like i said, i am more keen and concentrating on neuro cases as my passion is there... but i know it is not easy! anyhow... reports to write etc... n so far not bad just that i have client bugging to have the report/feedback... funny that i say once i am done i will contact not otherwise! hahaha... and i find it hard here as reports by others are not complete and i do need CT or MRI reports so i can do my reports but most of the time they are not available! sigh! wat to do! Just do the work within the limited source! And yesterday, i was sent a patient without clinical notes! wat the! how am i supposed to know the background, medical etc! so suck! i just dont understand! argh! anyhow... i hope to get better soon! and ya i will fetch Haiza tomorrow! anyhow till later!


Hi ppl so sorry so far no update.. just typical... work and work and not well! still recuperate! ... anyhow... i bought this ST12 Karoake yesterday... many soapy songs! Anyhow this is one song that i find so nice and caught my attention. It reminded me of my own experience... anyhow Enjoy ppl!

"Biarkan waktu teruslah berputar
Mencintai kamu penuh rasa sabar
Meski sakit hati ini kau tinggalkan
ku ikhlas tuk bertahan
Cintaku padamu begitu besar
Namun kau tak pernah bisa merasakan
Mesti sakit hati ini kau tinggalkan
ku ikhlas tuk bertahan
Kau meninggalkan ku tanpa perasaan
Hingga ku jatuhkan airmata
Kekecewaanku sungguh tak berarah
biarkan ku harus bertahan
Jangan pernah kau cuba untuk berubah
Tak relakan yang indah hilanglah sudah
Jangan pernah kau cuba untuk berubah
Tak relakan yang indah..
Hilanglah sudah..."

Thursday, January 15, 2009

I know it has been a while since I last wrote in here. Nothing much really here. Just go to work everyday and trying the best to adjust. So far I think it is okay as I have to get used to the fact I am on my own now, no supervisor. Things at clinic pretty much the same despite I feel many changes need to be done. The right way in accordance to rules and regulations. Well, I have not been well, I am okay but the weather really suck. Raining almost everyday and I have sinus problem. So suck! I wont complaint much really! Well, honestly I missed the working condition in Adelaide hahaha… and well, I miss D so much. I do feel alone here at times, but then again, it has always been like that for me here. So well, I just have to adjust back!
Well, I wont touch about work here so much. Today was pretty busy with reports, students and meetings. I need to re-establish myself around in the hospital. And had meeting with Abg Fahmi today. We talked about Repat Hospital and I want to thank Abg Fahmi and Fariza as well as Taufiq for the lovely gift! And the nice graduation card! Very thoughtful! Anyhow… will catch up soon!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Well, it has been a while since I updated in here. It has been busy I must say, settling down and all. Getting used to life here in Brunei again and started to think about work and how to start everything. And main thing adjusting language hehe… well I mean in terms of asking questions and the assessments. I know I will get there eventually. Haven’t really out or “lepak” with friends. Met a few people of course.
I did go to Muara Port to get my stuffs what a hassle procedure! Spent the whole afternoon doing that! I just hope one day they would come up with a far more efficient and faster way. It is like go to A, then B and C back to A, go D, back to B and Go E and go A. Can’t understand why it all cant be done in one place!
Well, I met Iril last night, like always we talked a lot! I was a bit tired (I think my body is not used to work everyday from 7.45 to 4.30, but will be okay I know!) oh ya.. catch up with Iril… this and that! It was nice! and we went to SOTO BABU our usual place to hang out!
And well, apart from that not much really, just unpack and sort things out. And well, I have to get my mind around about work mostly! And well…. I guess that’s all for now.. I do miss Adelaide people, I must say that but this is life! Haha…. Ok till later!!

Monday, January 5, 2009


3rd January was the day I first reported to duty. I went to Ministry and hoping not to bump into anyone ahhaha that was mission impossible. I had to report to my Director general of medical services.. and once I stepped into the office… there was the Director! Dr Hjh Nurlila whom was like “Oh you are back! Alhamdullilah!” ahaha… no escape huh! So I just said “yes… here to report duty”.. and submitted the letter and had the “Welcome back!!” and that’s mean I am officially back! Hahaha… Then I headed to RIPAS… had to park elsewhere as my parking pass is not active. And hmm…. Reported to CEO and wow many people there are new and I don’t know most of them. Headed to my clinic and waited for Hani… we talked and catch up! And well I had a patient, RTA with Head injury for neuropsych assessment! Ahhahaha… so soon ya… and like many more to come!! Well wont talk abt it here just yet! And I did one report and checked one for Hani. My my I am officially a qualified clinical psyc!! And I can sign report now!! Hahahaha…. Well the rest of the day was normal. Met aunts and cousins at hospital as 3 admissions from my family… and how ppl commented me “sehat” and “berisi” hahah I need to lose weight! People don’t get it… its muscle!! Hahahahaha……………… ok till later!!!


After two years in Adelaide, finally I went home. Nothing much changes in Brunei. And I was really tired from the traveling as I didn’t sleep much the night before. And the journey was okay despite it was a bit turbulent from Brisbane to Brunei. My dad, mum and my little brother were at the airport to pick me up. And I know it was New Year’s Eve and honestly no plan. My fren Hanif messaged me but I was too tired to go out. And I was supposed to meet up with Haslin and Meela, but Haslin was not well so we all decided to take a raincheck. And well, I do sms few people and like hmm apparently most people have my handphone number deleted! Well… they said they changed mobile etc… but I was like I changed mine too and still keep their numbers!
Anyhow, the next day I spent time with Wee Ping and didn’t want to see anyone just yet! And like I did see some people while I was at the bank but like some of them I really have no idea who they were!! As they smiled at me and I think it is just rude if I don’t smile back and some waved at me….. hmm…. I must be forgetful!
And like… the weather here made me have running nose and allergy… hmm… I hate this. I need to get my medication! And I felt tight mostly! Damn weather! Anyhow… catch up with you all soon! I miss my D!! and yes I missed my people in Adelaide a lot!!