Saturday, February 28, 2009


This is wat D said.. about me!!

"Babe you've given me everything I could hope for from you... True friendship, honesty, u were there when I was at the lowest point in my life n saw me through it, and you still think the best of me despite seeing me at my worst... What more can I say about you?! Ur my best friend n I love you heaps!"

You made my day D!! Only you can do that.... i wont be able to find anyone close like you!! I cant wait to see you!!! Always love you!! Always miss u! And well our coffee session!! damn i need those! hahaha... Thanks D!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The weekend was great... it was long weekend... with the National day holiday... i wasnt involved in anything.... a friend of mine and also a relative actually, invited me for a gathering... and well i just went as i had nothing to do... and it turned out to be so good... a chance to meet up with more people and chat... it was good... indeed we hang out like two nights in a row... and we tot as we had so much fun that we wont have any until some time in march! anyhow... it was good to be out and have fun! anyhow... till later....

Saturday, February 21, 2009


hey, i just wanna share here... i mean i still dont understand despite RIPAS is kinda old... 20 plus yrs... and still people do not get it that the parking at the basement is for the staffs and not the public. As the public one is above. This morning again, one car waited n pressing (and yet there was nothing to press) as the thing was for swapping the parking pass. And there is a label indicating the parking for staffs! and well, the car had to reverse and the car behind it had to reverse too (poor this car had to go all trouble) to the main road. So hassle... and it was difficult with limited space to reverse. And for me too, i couldnt reverse. I reckon some ppl are just so ignorant... and the driver (a lady by the way) was like "so selamba" as if nothing was wrong... but i bet she felt horrible! hahaha... control ayu i guess!.... anyhow... this is also not the first time i saw this.... hmm.... people people do learn!!
Thank you dearest Laurane for ur comment about the mobile... yes thank you for being understanding. I know like not urgent watever maybe... the case was like... people called you and said... oh lets go lepak n dinner at 7pm thursday bla bla... n yet came the day n time, no confirmation and when you called didnt pick up and msg never replied. Is that right? i mean if the plan is not executing then why cant have the courtesy to at least inform. The thing is things like this always happen and like last time... since no confirmation and no replied... i was like... okay i will go out with other people... as i waited and time passed, supposed to be like 7plus pm and til 9pm no news... so i went out... and then abt 10pm... got called and asked where was i... and the shit thing was that i got blame as they said i promised to be out with them and yet i was out. I was like... dude supposed to be at 7 not 10! 3 hours late! and i did call n msg no reply... see not their faults... mine.... and well... same like recent one... a day later then msg! and when i acted cold... and watever... i am the one who too sensitive... see i cant win... so like i said... i wont bother anymore.... just why ppl cant keep promises! Thus y i feel like why cant ppl be more discipline and do not waste other people time! and well... why do i know them! hahaha... not even worth it!! hahaha.... anyhow... i will close book on this now! ok then ... tata....

Friday, February 20, 2009


i know this is late... i just remembered. I went to food tasting few weeks ago for my sis wedding function... some pics... i forgot to take before eating them! hahah...


hi... i just wanna bring it out... i dont get it people have handphone but like never seem to reply msg! and funny that if the person need anything they msg... hmmm.... i cant understand once in a while... an d like when one person asked me how come most time i replied them quickly, i was like it is called handphone... so always on my hand! hahaha... and like some msg do need urgent attention. And some i dont get it... u msg and they replied on MSN... its like... hmmm.... anyhow... i made up my mind... i will only layan those that worth to be layan... like asking people for meet up (lepak)... no respond... well i can say now at least i made the effort but since no reply... cool! So dont say i dont make effort... and for once again... i felt so pissed with people whom are like asked u... and told u the day but never reconfirm... and when u msg or tried to call... no reply... n didnt pick up... and yet they make the plan for the meet up! and even asked u to block or make the day free for the occasion and you waited and waited and only to get respond or anything the next day... isnt that WTH?!.. sorry people... i dont take shit like this lightly! for the reason... oh... no credit... low credit... or worse my line was cut! hmm..... anyhow... like i mentioned before... cant people stick to promises and appointments and stop wasting other people time! and ppl like no apology! i just imagine if you do that to them... i bet they "meletup"! And here to people yang "baca" and "terasa" ... sorry if i dont respond from now! Tata!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My Update

I know when i am back here i am pretty sure that it will be hard for me to update as frequent as before. But will of course, keep you all out there updated. People asked how v day... i never celebrate it... even this year... well... what i wanna say here... i met someone here...not my partner but been going out here n there for a while... but i havent decided whether to go steady or not... as i feel something is still lacking and being me... always think this and that.... i havent figured out just yet... so maybe i just wait n let time tell... and i met someone else that is interesting as well.... will talk about it more if things develop.... hahaha...
Apart from that... nothing much really... i am back to Tasek Lama for hiking! Yay,...... And just work stuffs really! Boring huh?! Anyhow... tonyte is Aunt Diah's bday... will go her place i guess..... and dont know what to get her!! hahaha.... anyhow... til later ya!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I have come across lots of new songs here... this is my fav right now... Lewat semesta by Randy Pangalila.... enjoy ppl!!

"Satu kata bertulis cinta
telah merasukiku
tak urung cinta tersentuh
hanya ku rasa
dan jika wujud yang menjelma
pada sebentuk hati
bukankah itu amanah dari yang kuasa
menjaganya, menjaganya
wahai insan yang di sana
mungkin saja ini kau dengar
melewati semesta ini
aku sampaikan
begitu ingin berbagi batin
mendengarkan asa di jiwa
oh tuhan pertemukan aku
sebelum hatinya beku"

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I know I should not complaint! As I know this is what I am expected of working here… well overall is okay, just that with this particular dept/unit, even before I left there has always been problems. I just don’t get it, with others, we seemed to work really well. I mean like only this particular dept/unit while others seem to be okay so I reckon it is not us!
Okay the thing is that our unit is supposed to attend this round meeting weekly, the thing is that it will take normally 3 hours and yet our input in this is not even huge, I mean we do see patients from this dept/unit but we don’t get to discuss them unless important. Like the 3 hours what we normally do is just sit and listen. You just imagine the 3 hours could have been used to a better thing like seeing patients, writing reports, for me to check reports, etc… and there are times that it coincides with other urgent cases and meeting which we have to attend. The thing is that I still remember Julia my neuropsychologist supervisor at RGH, for round like this, she would only attend when needed and there were cases to be discussed or else she would see patients etc as there is shortage of manpower in the dept. And I don’t see the team see it as a big problem as long as she is doing her job. And she would attend and the moment the cases been discussed, she would leave. And people are ok with it. I mean it looks not nice etc but think logically and rationally. Our rehab psychology dept RGH only consist of 3 staffs, two clinical psychologists and one neuropsychologist, hence under-staffs and of course, we would utilize the time nicely and appropriately. And yes we did our job. See patients, feedback patients/family and do reports etc. And do the needful.
I mean here, for our unit, just imagine, it is the same, just three staffs, and only me the fully qualified one and of course covering and catering the whole RIPAS and others as well…. Would be hard. And still this particular person cant see it. Only see thing thru their eyes… so eccentric! This dept/unit is specific for theirs while ours we caters from others as well. It is like why this dept/unit feels that we need to give an extra and particular attention or special treatment just for them, and for the fact that I don’t feel the same. We always feel we never been appreciated and like if we give appointments to the patients despite we book that early, always the case, they will priorities others and last minutes changed ours. It is like, we have to be flexible, of course we do but don’t take advantage of it. Like they know we book the patients why book the patients for other thing like X-ray at the same times. It shows how these people don’t really respect our schedule and change as they like.
And one more thing, I don’t get it… we are not under them. We are not their staffs and yet I don’t know why this dept/unit feels they have the authority power over us, instructing us this and that. I was $%^&. Just recently, for the round, like I said I may have lots of other things to do, and I was insisted that I attend the round meeting and no one else. Fair enough as I could give the right feedback etc being the only qualified one from my department, but I was just asking for understanding that at times due to urgent cases (such as police cases, VIP etc) and other unforeseen circumstances, I am unable to attend every week and my absence looks like I am not committed. And being the committed person I am, I do allocate others to go on my behalf… still this is not allowed. And I was told off. Like come on 3 %^&**&^% hours!! I do attend other rounds such as rehab and stroke… for neurology…but these round would only lasted for like 30mins the most and very efficient!! Not a waste of time!! And they all seem to be okay and happy. And one more thing about the other dept/unit… so far honestly I never feel welcome at all… people are sour!! Well not fair for me to say that… not all… but even the clerks or attendance whatever no social skills and just sour faces… as if they hold superior posts … I felt that I rather talk to specialists than these people!!
Okay I think I rather do something about this… to draw a line etc… yes I am writing minutes to inform the situation etc. and like this is our dept/unit, I do the allocations here… and that dept/unit cant choose whom they like to be there as they have to respect us… we are not theirs!!
Anyhow… maybe I am just negative that my mood is a bit down… just like this morning, the radio 90.7… I felt that the DJ (a lady deejay) was so stupid… she was playing this song “Bahagia” by Cynthia Lamusu and Surya Saputra… and she was like… I don’t know the singers (fair enough) and the part she mentioned the name of the singers, she was like.. I don’t know which one is the girl and the guy, I was like… are you dumb? Cynthia is obviously a girl’s name and that leave Surya Saputra to be the guy, don’t u have any logic!! Stupid!! Haha…. Ok people I better stop complaining!! Hahaha… I hope to be feeling positive and better soon!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


This couple of days i feel like so hmmm i wont say stress but i just cant understand with some students... i mean not all... currently i have one wit me... that i think is kind of slow... like when i said we have thing at 8am... the person would arrive after 8.... and always missing and not doing a good job. All wrong. Not assertive... and so far been missing all rounds as always come late... and the tag "oh i came a little late"... for crying out loud... this is hospital... we wont wait! I know i was angry yesterday but i didnt care.
Anyhow... like today... its different. I know we normally have students being briefed at the department next to us. After lunch just now... these students just burged in into my clinic thinking they could get to the lab next to mine despite the door labelled CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGY and not LAb... ok if they asked its ok but... these students simply walked in with me looking shocked and they just walked and entered the room thinking it was connected to the lab. I was like... i was there... and they had no courtesy to even ask and i was like F@#$%^^ rude" and one person even like "open my door and talk loud... i want to get to next door" i was like "am i a door man" and like can u not ask politely... to an officer... like " excuse me" at least.... stupid! And when i gave the instruction, she couldnt get it and the friend had to come back n asked again... Bod betul!
And one group of students whom just walked in while i was doing my work... didnt even approach me and walked to the room... so i was like "Hello!! this place has nothing to do with next door... it totally different entrance and exit as it is different department!" SO rude... no courtest even to ask... Like its their place! I dont know from where these students are....damn!
And well, today also Mui received a call from a person saying "kan bertanya.. aku ne ada diploma in sikologi (psikologi) from Malaysia dapat keja sana arah sikologi" so Mui explained "must at least got Degree" and this person kept saying ok.. will do at UBD... Mui was like... we dont think ada kat UBD but do find out.. And she called again asking about psychologist and medicine... i was like this person claimed to have a diploma in Psychology (whom couldnt even pronounce psychology) and had no idea about job description of psychologist...i was like... it made me think that new batch of people or students maybe not all... they all have no idea at all... why cant they find out... when my time... i know about mine... maybe just the kids nowadays depend too much on others or parents that they cant think for themselves... sorry i sounded harsh! but like i said not all ok!! some!! anyhow... i wont say all as my other student with me... this one is great!! and really love it if this person can join my services!! Unlike the other one whom like not committed... and seemed not attentive! anyhow the less i said the better! Okay til next time!