Sunday, April 29, 2012

Hi... this is not a complaint but at times make me wonder how certain ppl think at times... not considerate... Some are aware that i am hospitalised and actually will undergo a surgery... and guess what... like not sympathy (not that i need it) but like when i checked my emails... so many works... with the heading like i know you are not well but... bla bla... can u get this done in this certain time... n submit by bla bla... i am like... not possible... but i salute Dr Fatma UBD as she was so understanding... our study involves $$$ (heard a lot) and yet very compromising.... and like a person today asking how to get that person's unit free from under the other dept and wanted to be independent and i was like okay... can i help or assist the moment i done my OP.... do they think i m superman?
And well on different category... i know i always feel this person has issues and this person needs to be slap or anything.... i was being nice and informed this person about a thing. And need to get application form and with it need to do some video submission for application. And the person was like wat... where... n wat video. For me, hello i dont know but like u are the one interested in joining this program... find it out urself... wat should i? i never join. I did say audition video... reply: Talk about what? I was like are u stupid? U know what the program.. and so the video must be related to what you are applying for. Dont tell me like if you are applying to join DJ program ur video showing how talented you are in the kitchen cooking! So i was giving example... like ppl joining the Big Brother show... they send in their video.. something like that.... Guess what i got in return? Oh ermmm like big brother? this program is like we will be kept in one place n dont go out? I was like.. i m giving example about video application submission not the program and this program that you want to join so badly (where i never did n never  had any intention at all)... wont u at least know what it is about? Plain stupid right!.... Like going for a job interview no knowing what job we are applying for...
Arrghhhh what ppl just annoying and irritating at times!

Today we had the Special Olympics Charity Bazaar, Walkathon and Fun Run. It was an okay event wont say too successful but i believe we raised some money. Had the opportunity to meet Wu Chun at the event.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Tonyte... i had dinner at Matadoe... I had Baked Macaroni n Lasagne... shared with a fren. And for dessert i had the brownies... wanted the fondue but they dont have it anymore... shame... ehehehe and comment... the food and dessert were really nice.

Friday, April 27, 2012

After all.. for me... u ppl are not NABI!

"KUALA LUMPUR 27 April - Masjid Nabawi di Kota Madinah yang terletaknya makam Rasulullah S.A.W turut dicemari pembangkang bagi melancarkan perhimpunan Bersih 3.0.
Bersih 3.0 juga dilancarkan di Mekah berhampiran dengan Masjidilharam.
Tindakan tersebut amat dikesali kerana dibuat ketika tokoh-tokoh agama menyifatkan haram bagi umat Islam menyokong demonstrasi Bersih 3.0 kerana ia diterajui Datuk S. Ambiga, pejuang agenda lesbian, gay, biseksual dan transgender (LGBT)." - UTUSAN MALAYSIA

My comment about this article is like since when we humans can decide 'Hukum' in sense of 'Halal' and 'Haram"... These 'TOKOH-TOKOH AGAMA' are not gods... are they? They are not NABI even! I understand the word 'menyifatkan' but for me they are condemning it as 'HARAM'.

Please la reporters, improve your terminology!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

More pictures of food!

 Many food... only know two... The cake... One is the Kek Lapis Batik (Never taste it) but ppl said it is nice.... And The Vanilla cupcake... kinda dry.... but the wrap was nice!

Tiramisu but Pattiserie one is better... for me la.....
 Chocolate eclairs... Nice but Frangipani one beated this one.....
Blackforest... erm... No comment... Never my fav anywhere hahahahah but the presentation is really nice here and Mr Gareth said it was too dry....

Asil's Bday

Just celebrating a belated birthday... The Bday person is Asil. Well nothing much... just lepak and ate cake at Zest cafe. Hope you njoy it Asil... Nothing much really... :)

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Blink Blink... got them from Korea for my mum and sis :)

These Brownies are so nice! From Korea! :)

This plant i bought when i was in Seoul... at Lotte World... very cute and it has grown. I have no choice but to transfer it to bigger pot! :)

Saturday, April 21, 2012

For the past few days.. well even last week... i observed this... my pee's colour is a bit reddish. Well as i wasnt wearing my glasses i thought it was just u knw shade... and didnt take note much of it. Maybe i was in denial. Anyhow today when i peed after i did my hiking, damn it was red! Hematuria again. I used to have it before. In OZ... where i tot well simply UTI.. and well eventually found cysts as well as stone in my kidney. Did operation.
But today damn it... again and i hope not relapse. And yes i feel a bit pain now, abdominal pain. Maybe it is due to my excessive exercise. I went Shahbandar where initially i climbed just the 5 hills and then bumped into my JPMC nurses and went with them to do the whole 9 hills route! Lack of water i must say but to have hematuria... not a good sign! Tomorrow will get SOPD appointment again and i need Ultra sound again... aiyo....

HANYA LAH CINTA... By Anggun C Sasmi

I fall in love wit this song... Really awesome!!

"Semua yang telah aku dapat
Indah dan gemerlap
Satu hari kan pudar
Dan sinarnya akan hilang

Sesuatu yang telah aku raih
Di dalam hidup ini
Tak untuk selamanya
Ini semua sementara

Yang aku cari hanyalah cinta
Hanya cinta yang tak terganti
Yang aku mau hanyalah cinta
Hanyalah cinta yang ku beri

Yang selalu ku tunggu hanyalah cinta
Hanya cinta yang tak terganti
Yang aku nanti hanyalah cinta
Hanyalah cinta yang abadi

Mencari artinya hidup ini
Detak waktu masih ada
Ada yang paling berwarna
Apa yang kan sia-sia

Yang aku cari hanyalah cinta
Hanya cinta yang tak terganti
Yang aku mau hanyalah cinta
Hanyalah cinta yang ku beri

Abadi, abadi, hanyalah cinta
Hanya cinta ooh

Yang aku cari hanyalah cinta
Hanya cinta yang tak terganti
Yang aku mau hanyalah cinta
Hanyalah cinta yang ku beri
Abadi "
I went to Zest again.. alone hehehe as i wanted to have time on my own... but i did text Christina and she came later to jon me with G. Seriously as i was late coming to the cafe.... many cakes were out and only had this in mind to have.. This is the KEK LAPIS NUTELLA.... erm... serious i didnt like it but i ate it as i ordered it. Too cry not for dessert kind of thing.... well its food ya...

Friday, April 20, 2012

Well.. Thursday has always been busy day for me but i m enjoying it. As always yesterday, i was in Tutong Hospital... and well i cant help to think... i received lots of referral for IQ test in regards to mental allowance... MR for OG allowance.. Seriously if i check the stats... its abundant... many MR in Tutong.... many OG (no offence... i date one before hahaha).. I mean wow... this is like open up for a study... looking at background? place? location?
And As always after Tutong, i will go to National Cancer Centre, JPMC to review my patients there... and yesterday one of my pts is deteriorating badly and seriously i dont think he will last long. I know he came in with terminal stage but was more able and i dont knw... the moment he was diagnosed thing went downhill.... :(
Well what to do... this is my job! :) Ya... wonder why some shallow ppl quoted me as "doktor gila" ... for me... well... r u clever enough to be me? Hell no!!
Well... i been on my own for some time.... and well... lately i agreed on a date... which at first turned out to be a drama... but after deliberation etc i tot well i am gonna give it a chance... yes we are on 3rd date... and it has progressed very well... and wow last night... you treated me to dinner... very sweet! and gave me a gift (may not mean anything but wow!) and well... when you played piano and sang... it was just the most romantic moment i have been! and well i am afraid... i may just fall in love with you... but i am not ready!
Talking about Artists (singer or actress or actors) in Malaysia, the following are the one i really like. I know ppl love CT and i am not a big fan and till now still cant comprehend why she kind of quoted as no 1 singer as for me, my opinion, there are better singers than her but never got the exposure they deserve........

1. Misha Omar: I think she is a good singer but never have the opportunity to really shine. For me she is No 1 singer... although lately not doing well.... but well given the chance... she may just might be the best!

2. Ziana Zain: She is the real Diva.... no matter what love her!
 3. She is one good actress for me. Very under rated!
4. Well... i am biased as i love this lady hahaha but yes she has proven to us that she is beyond her beauty! she has it all... Talent! Maya Karin... for me No 1 Actress in Malaysia!

5. Shaheizy Sam of course.. No 1 Actor in Malaysia! Seriously he acted better than Aaron Aziz....

Well Saja... nothing to do i do this hahahahaha..... But surely not on my list... Zed Zaidi hahahaha buat lawak la!
This sengaja i put... i didnt have any dessert last nyte... hahahah i cant have it every night... giler mati kemanisan! hahahaha.... DM pulak nanti jauh palis... mum has it... anyhow this dessert i had while i was in KL actually, a restaurant at Pavilion... I remember it was during the V day.... the restaurant was really nice... very attentive and very concerned if we didnt finish the food... was asking anthing wrong... need to be changed... but well there was just two of us at that time... we were hungry n ordered lot (our fault!) heheheh but the food was lovely and this Mango pudding was really nice... i love mango btw!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Kekadang ini yang aku rasakan kepadamu J... Kenangan bersama mu terlalu kuat dan indah dan Kekadang membuat aku tidak bisa dengan yang lain.....

"Sekian lama sudah kita telah berpisah
Ku rasa kini engkau tak sendiri lagi
Aku pun kini juga seperti dirimu
Satu hati telah mengisi hidupku
Tak perlu engkau tahu rasa rindu ini
Dan lagi mungkin kini kau telah bahagia
Namun andai kau dengar syair lagu ini
Jujur saja aku sangat merindukanmu
Memang tak pantas mengkhayal tentang dirimu
Sebab kau tak lagi seperti yang dulu
Kendati berat rasa rinduku padamu
Biarkan ku hadang rinduku terlarang
Ku puisikan rindu di hatiku
Ku harap tiada seorang pun tahu
Biar ku simpan saja
Biar ku pendam sudah
Terlarang sudah rinduku padamu
Kendati berat rasa rinduku padamu
Biarkan ku hadang rinduku terlarang
Ku puisikan rindu di hatiku
Ku harap tiada seorang pun tahu
Biar ku simpan saja
Biar ku pendam sudah
Terlarang sudah rinduku padamu
Terlarang sudah rinduku padamu"
I happened to watch the advert for SimplySiti... damn seriously it is so 'kampungan'.... and as always she would like to be the centre of attraction (so obvious! so attention seeking! wonder her serotonin level ada problem ka! hahaha) anyhow i am not condemning.... i know it is local product but seriously it looked cheap... only that dude frm Naza was good and he has aura... Sorry Apek... u are not photogenic (so not like david beckham! well it is wrong to compare but seriously!) and that unknown lady only known for her gossip with Apek... A model? seriously she is like short n yes not photogenic making it so mcm cheap porn (harsh word but in that line la hahaha).....
Hi for today, i went to Frangipani at Sengkurong for Lunch. I ordered the Nasi Lemak... i am just wanted to eat rice. Hehehe been trying not to touch rice but yes... today i did.... and well it is not bad. Just the rendang is a bit off... dont knw wat to say. Furthermore, i am not a beef eater maybe thats why....
This was the cake i had for my night coffee today... I think the name is Chocolate Smething (I cant remember!). Place well where else... ZEST CAFE!!
Oppss... forgot... this was my dessert during lunch! :)
U think it is wrong if i pursue someone that i like. I know about the previous drama... and i cant help and yes i do like the person. I went on second date today... and yes I was happy... I just hope it is right....
I had lunch with Raiman tday... well as always it was our lunch meeting about endless AHP work... sigh... anyhow... yes the food was nice. Went to Pastamania, Brunei Times Square. I had the Prawn Olio something hahahah and Raiman had the Beef lasagne.
Well, as Bai Baizura said maybe i should do in here about food. Yes, as always last night i went to Pattiserie, Beribi, Gadong and i had these. One is Tiramisu and one is Chocolate Crunchy.
Both were nice. I like the cake from this shop however the service gone down hill. Few last encounters with them, they were rude and like we had no customer right. When ordered cake up to what they had not to what we wanting. But last night i had no where else to go and so had this. Even that, my experienced still the same... rude. But the cakes were lovely!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Hidup ini penuh drama. Kekadang aku kurang pasti adakah aku yang salah, adakah aku yang sering mengundang masalah pada diri ini. Prinsip hidup ku sangat mudah, jadi yang baik. Mungkin aku senang mempercayai orang makanya aku yang akan termakan akhirnya. Selalu madu yang diberikan akhirnya racun yang kuterima.

Aku tidak akan bercerita yang banyak-banyak. Aku menulis bukan menundang atau menyalah tapi cuma ingin meluahkan apa yang terbuku dihati ini. Aku akui aku tidak mempunyai banyak kawan, bukan apa sering kepercayaan yang aku berikan dihadiahkan pengkhianatan.

Tidak terlintas untuk memburukkan seorang ini. Kesabaran aku dalam persahabatan selama ini selama dekat sepuluh tahun kita bersahabat kekadang aku rasa tidak bermakna. Jatuh bangun kamu aku peduli. Kamu tipu aku aku cuma senyum, beribu ringgit tertipu terpakai terpinjam satu sen aku tidak pernah meminta. Atas dasar apa? Kesian? Atas dasar menolong dan mengatakan ‘tidak apa, rezeki itu akan datang dari Allah, apa yg hilang Allah akan kasi balik’.

Bukan mengeluh tetapi kerap kali berkali. Memang dulu pernah berlaku, ramai yang memandang serong akan persahabatan kita. Ramai yang menasihati yang kamu tidak boleh dipercaya. Tapi dekat 10 tahun kita masih kawan dan sahabat. Disaat kamu ditimpa masalah, aku tahu masalah apa, tapi aku cuma tutup mata, cukup telinga, asal tidak menganggu aku, kesalahan kamu itu bukan masalah untuk kita terus bersahabat. Aku tahu kamu banyak menyembunyikan benda dari aku. Aku buat dok jer .

Cuma aku terkilan, berkali kamu melakukan kesalahan. Dulu pernah macam ini pernah berlaku. Disebabkan seseorang kita jadi orang lain. Bertahun tidak bertegur atau berjumpa.

Ya.. kenapa? Di kepala aku kenapa? Aku minta kau kenalkan aku dengan orang. Aku kata aku bosan. Kenalkan. Kau kenalkan aku. Kau yang macam menyokong. Apa ku rancang dengan orang atu kau sokong. Pernah aku tanya orang ane apa mu. Kau kata kawan saja. Dan bila aku buat temujanji dengan orang ane, kau yang tahu dan menyokong. Dan semua kegembiraan aku dengan orang ane kau yang tahu, aku beritahu. Dan sekarang bila aku bagitahu aku ada progres dengan orang ane dan ya… kami buat benda yang macam sepasang kekasih. Kau datang dan memberikan aku sebiji bom! Orang ini rupanya KEKASIHMU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kenapa kau kenalkan aku dengan kekasihmu???? Kau sendiri yang kata orang ane baik dan aku akan suka….. dan yaaa… aku suka orang ane!!! Kau banyak tahu yang aku alami… masalah orang dengan aku… dan sekarang! Aiiiyyyoooo….  Ya banyak orang kata yang aku ane memang suka perampas la ane la… Allah saja yang tahu…  dan kau yang tahu aku ane orang nya cemana. Bukan jenis memotong jalan.

Kau katakan kau akan undur diri untuk aku sama ia, fikirkan aku tahu ia kekasihmu dan kau beritahu aku yang kau udah nda mau sama ia lagi sebab kira ia curang dengan AKU! I say this better in English… after knowing all this, you reckon that I want to be with that person. You think what kind of person I am. Fikir la…. Bukan jenis orang macam atu aku ane. Apa untuk kebahgian untuk kegembiraan aku…. Kau fikir aku nda fikir perasaan mu. Ya… buleh saja aku kata kau yang salah, kau yang mengenalkan aku arahnya… but Damn fuck sake! No fucking way!

Kamu yang membaca you think I am at fault? What I am doing now. I step back. Yes… my friend is still going to be my friend. But despite I really like this person, as I may even think that I may fall in love as this person is so much like my ex J but no way I will continue any relationship with this person!!!!! I wonder as well, why this person agreed to go out with me as you know that I am your bf’s fren! Maaf aku bukan orang yang mahu kelaie ke gaduh ker pasal kekasih! Nda fedah!!! I m more than that!!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Ne yg berlaku kemarin... dah berkali berlaku kecurian!... well like malay proverb..."Sepandai-pandai tupai melompat, akhirnya...."
I said to myself that by the end of this month... i must done my proposal for my neuropsych doctorate... i have spoken to Connie (dr shikin, neurologist consultant).... about what should i do... i know it has to be related to neuro... so i tot well... lets do Dementia... but wat.... and thanks to her... i have idea now... lets do Dementia... so maybe epidemiology? risk? early diagnosis status etc... ok so i am collecting lots of research papers now to read n to gather some info... and tnxs to the symposium/conference that i attended last yr Nov in HK... it helped a lot! :)
So wish me luck!


I know that i am in a better place and happier... just now i dont know... i was just watching a movie and it was done in OZ... sydney, melbourne... and i could not stop thinkinng about J... & this is the bit i hated the most... why did i cry... well not really crying but you know tears... I miss you J and i asked the same question... why did you leave me.... unanswered! Damn it... you are not my first love but i know you were the first that i gave it all! ALL! and now damn.... but i know impossible between us! U r like in OZ! *sigh*.... sorry about this Syg.... i cant help it....
I saw an article about Zed Zaidi was not happy that Aaron Aziz won the most popular award. This is for me, another stupid thing (ya n yet i am writing about this hahah ironic). Well i just want to share my opinion. Just like Zed Zaidi could say whatever he like to say.
For him to say that this would kill Malaysian Entertainment Industry.. well Malaysia Industry is the one offering and welcoming Aaron Aziz... and i dont see any harm in it. He made progress in his career. Imagine if he won abroad... ppl say wow An actor from Malaysia as he is based in Malaysia not Singapore. If he does well, i think he brings good name to Malaysian Entertainment Industry. Zed Zaidi sounded so racist in my opinion.
In academy awards, grammy and many international awards ceremonies, we witness many outsiders won and no one make big deal. Take it as positive and an encouragement for the local to do better. Well... one example... when Michelle Yeoh starred in James Bond movie, out of nowhere... she is cited as Malaysian Actress (Malaysia took credit and as far as i know, she never acted in any Malaysian products) while for the fact, most of us see her as a Hong Kong Star! So would we say she is a harm to the Hong Kong Entertainment Industry? Think about it!
So for me, yes Aaron Aziz is Singaporean but we see him mainly as An actor from Malaysia.
Okay enough as seriously i dont know where i am going with this.... (Maybe i am just bored and wanting to bla bla bla about something! haha)
I happened to read this article on a blog... "Ganjaran RM100 000 Jika Dapat Buktikan Datuk K Kahwini Rozita Che Wan". This is an offer made by Datuk K's sister... seriously... i was laughing... kinda stupid i think... could have used the money for better use... like giving it as charity or giving it to the needs.... funny... Things like this, someone is willing to offer so much.. and yet when someone in suffering no one would come forward to offer thing like this!
For me, this is just plain stupid!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Have i changed? well i will change for the better... just because i hardly keep in touch with some... ppl said i changed... the thing is i am tired being the one making all the effort calling or asking out and hence... i stopped... i better with those that know give n that.... not just one sided... and being friend... all i need is support... well being understanding... or else just shut up and dont be judgmental! i changed as i am compelled to!
So who cares... some of you.. ada or not in my life i still live on!

Today is the World Health Day... i was involved as i do geriatric cases a lot... esp in doing the cognitive assessment.
See some pics here... funny check out one... i was like a joker and another one i was explaining to the Minister of Health and my colleagues were all posing beside me! so funny...

Monday, April 2, 2012

Hi, its monday... i know today i will be alone only at my clinic. Yvonne has the career exhibition thingie while Hani has the EB plus course for 3 days. I came early as always and did my pending reports and think of what else to be put in my WHO posters.
It was about 8am... my phone rang and i knw that my clerk was not here yet so i picked it up. The person a lady was like... 'hello, i need to speak to Nursyahmun, so can u please sambungkan, connect me to her'... i was like... what? i am not an operator! I replied "i think you got the wrong number, there is no one name Nursyahmun here (inside my mind, well i do know Nursyahmun)"... and i added "and i am not an operator btw" (god i m the HoD!!). The lady said "oh sorry but i am looking for Nursyahmun, and i was given this no (2240162) i was told this is her direct number so can u connect me". I replied "i am sorry this no is clinical psychology RIPAS and Nursyahmun is not a staff here"... in no way i indicated that i know this Nursyahmun.... "then i said... actually she is at Klinik Psikologi Anggerek Desa not here"... "okay connect me to her... and what her number"... I said again "i am not an operator or directory btw..." before i said i can give you her office number... she stopped me "i was given this number kna gtau her direct number so now i want you to connect me.... or whats her personal number"... i was a bit pissed with her insisting me to connect n connect i only replied "sorry private or personal number, i cant give, i dont even know who you are, sorry about that" and well she hang up.... i wonder how this happened! My clinic number was said to be Nursyahmun's number and i bet no one ever said Anggerek Desa's number is mine. Biar tia la....
For info, i havent slept since last nyte... i could not sleep so i am a bit cranky....
then, My clerk came and knocked my door... and showed me a file... and stated "EEG wanted this patient's report"... i looked at the file... saw the pt and yes i did write report, it is filed in the file. So i ask who asked? EEG as in? For? Doctor? she said ya doctor.... (i was like you didnt say that awal awal) and said Dr Hj Hameed. I checked and like for matter like this... do u have to come to me to ask me to give a copy while she could just solve it... the report is in there... get it copy and frwd... no need to see me and i have to say copy n antar... but another thing is that.... the original copy is in the medical case note already... she could just say to the person whom asked... the report is done n its in the medical note! Simple... like when i got referral i check the medical note for the referral note.... and i hope likewise for this! Arrggghhhh.....
Okay did my work... and then i on my whatsapp as i needed to ask when Christyna wanted to come and see Dr Thazin. I received message from my cousin... shadie... asking about ENT. Not that i didnt want to help... the thing is simply call ENT and make appointment as he is a patient there already. Another thing is that i dont like asking favour again as i want to keep that favour to myself. As i helped lots before where like my other cousins, my aunts and my ex like asking appointment this n that and they took it for granted. Did not turn up and hence it made me bad and furthermore now yes i know Dr Fidah is there... Dr Oha is there but i wont make use of them. I mean come on... you dont do favour for me.... and i want to keep this favour for me.... and not difficult too... just call ENT and stated you are a pt already... and i know you wanted special treatment... sorry la... sometime bagi muka ane payah.... like others... ask MC la... etc ubat la... then i have to antar to them..... bukan berkira but at times, i think i do ppl favours but ppl wont return it.... n this matter i be strict..... my dad or mum pun they know dtg mcm biasa nda minta aku tolong..... lagi kesian.... but like saying oh i tot last time u said you ada kawan d ENT... i do but since ppl take it for granted and i got bad name for it... i stop doing favour....
Monday but eh mcm sanak lang..... and ya one thing i dont get too... some ppl janji nda tepati... mcm seorg atu mati-matian kata oh ya this movie u watching with me... even reminded but guess what liat dgn org lain... not even a courtesy informing.... iatah buat org berharap n then nda kana tepati... who cares la..... nda amanah la tu..... and now it is lunch time... and i stay in... to do some work and update this blog.....
Spoke to Dr Connie tadi abt our WHO day and well hope it will get thru.... and yes i need idea for my proposal project.... i think i will do dementia epidermiology.....
Okay la till later....


Today is my Syg's Birthday... sadly we cant be together to celebrate it... well the thought that count.... and well... there is more to come...
Sayang... Happy Birthday and I Love you!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

This is a question that a lot asked me... who am i with now? seriously... for the past few months after Q... i been by myself... yes i did go out but i felt nothing was serious... at the moment i am not looking... Sorry Dr Liyana, i know u wanted thing to happen between me and Z, your fren... but nah....
Well... a confession, i did date I for a while but at the same time... i was dating A till we were apart due to our own ego... n we paid the due.... and well... i met D and kinda like D while i was on holiday but yes.... we know long distance never work.... but i dont knw....
So i was just happy being fren with C as well although i tot it would be nice if we were more than that... Yes.. C is my ex but we stay fren and the best there is.... and well... few days ago i tot a lot about A and i decided to say hi... and one thing led to another... we were talking and expressing how we miss one another and should not have led our ego came between us..... I tot we want to give it another try...and i said Yes... i know D... i did say i wait but... i cant say no to A.... and well... i am sorry to I as well... have to leave you... i felt nothing between us anymore and i am sorry that i did see someone behind your back while i was out with u....
so now... i guess i am with A having C & D as two that i will never can let go as well but like we agreed... we are all fren... i love you all... C & D are important in my life... but my heart belongs to A....
Terbaca article ini kat
"Suami Sudah Sahkan Nikahi Kekasih, Status Aktress Popular Kini Menjadi Tanda Tanya...
Kisah rumahtangga pasangan ini sudah lebih setahun menjadi satu topik perbualan peminat juga para media dalam industri hiburan.
Beberapa gossip liar yang timbul sebelum ini termasuklah kisah pasangan ini yang sudah tidak tinggal sebumbung selepas suami kehilangan kerja di’nafikan oleh aktress popular ini.
Perkhabaran baru yang di’terima ini bukan sesuatu mengejutkan kerana sebelum ini sang suami juga ada di’gossipkan bercinta dengan rakan sekerja ketika itu.
Si suami ini di’khabarkan sudah pun bernikah dengan kekasih dari tempat kerja yang sama sebelum ini dan lelaki ini kini banyak menghabiskan masa bersama isteri baru — soalan dari kami, apa status aktress si isteri pertama?
Kasihan pula kami dengarkan nasib aktress ini yang sebenarnya masih sayang akan hubungan yang mereka bina selama ini, namun nampaknya kasih & cinta mereka kini hanya menunggu masa untuk tamat tempoh.
Kalau benar sang suami sudah tidak mahu hidup bersama aktress popular ini, ada baiknya di’lepaskan dari tergantung tiada bertali. Hmm."

I cant help to think... is it Erra Fazira??