Friday, October 31, 2008

Today... went to Uni to see Dr Micheal... and did some work there while waiting for lunch... had lunch with Kieu and Jackson... a long lunch! and well... nothing much today... Kieu and i just went and did some window shopping, looking at jewellery! Saja!
Any how... then we went to watch Euan played indoor football at Unley High School. They won, apparently first won... hahah and well the opponent team was lacking in number of players... only 3 people against like 6! ahhaah... the opponent did not want any help and tried their best. They did well despite lacking in number of player!
Well nothing much really today... Izza msg said that i didnt see her while at rundle i think! or while i was walking anyhow did not ask her.
Well.. did some thesis work just now... SPSS and a bit tired looking at the table and i guess i will retire now... and mayb read TWILIGHT!
Anyhow.. catch u all later!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

This is funny... angel asked me... as angel saw my picture the one me having lunch... and asked did i drink alcohol? i was like huh... and i asked why... apparently angel saw the green bottle! i was like laughing and explained to angel that was water! hahaha.... angel angel... always amuse me! Thank you angel for looking out for me!!


I cant believe that my placement is over now. I know it has been almost a 2 year thing and eventually i just finished my final placement just now! I just came back from Glenside Hospital and that was the end. Ha ha.... I feel glad i know but just need to swallow it hahaha.....that i m done! Finish!
I started the day as usual. As today is wednesday, as always, i will go McD to get my breakfast and brought it to repat. Well... just for mementos, i took some pictures...
I didnt do much today, i just do some last minute work and wrap up everything, returning keys and pass etc. I did do some amendment for angel.
Well... we had our lunch as marking my last day. We went to a Italian food place i think was at Mitcham. Had it with my supervisor, Julia and my co-supervisor, Dr Andrew. I ordered the spinach ravioli...
And then back to Repat and packed up as we needed to go to Glenside Hospital for monthly Neuropsych case conference and the cases presented today were brilliant. One was on delirium and cardiac thingie and one on white matter changes with auditory hallucination. I managed to attend four so far and i could still remember the first one i was blur! hahah n started to pick up then after. I did my presentation last month and it was awesome! ahhah and today i was very attentive as now i know my stuffs! and then finish! oh my... said goodbye and went home!!
Now it is time for thesis!!!! hahahaah... will rest tonight!! ok then!!


I am so happy... i was about to sleep when suddenly Sabreena appeared online... on my YM... i was like... SAB!!! Remember back in ireland,... used to tease u "SABREENA KEKASIH LAMA" a dialogue from P. Ramlee movie! hahaha.... i think we havent been in touch like years... 2 yrs or so... and my my i was happy to talk to you Sab! I wish i have our old pic so i can put it here. And nice to catch up! And people, Sab is one of the people that i was close with back in Ireland... partner in crime! hahaha.... good old days! and well... i just wanna express that i am happy to eventually catch up with you!! anyhow i better sleep now! its late!! hahaha.....

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Talking about prayer.. recently a friend is having a difficult time. It is sudden and i want you to know S.... we are all with you.. Praying for the best out of this. Just be strong! And this the least i can do...

Monday, October 27, 2008

Hello... today been a quiet day for me.. its my last week on placement. So basically i just do the needful. I still have few patients for feedback session and carried on with the project for the hospital. Something interesting happened today while i was conducting the project that i get to see a patient. Very lovely lady i must say, very positive and fully alive! While i was there, she explained about her stroke journey and how she been coping with it. She has great insight to it and well very positive which is good for her recovery. And then she started talking about how she believe that her belief in God make her stronger. Bless her!
While was there... she asked for my name and she said what a strange name. She never heard of it and she asked, I said it is a Malay name. She must have heard wrong and mistaken when i said "Malay" she thought it was like Himalaya. I didnt correct her and how she said she spent time before in the Himalaya and talked about religion and her faith. It was nice and well she must have thought we have the same believe... as she asked whether i believed in God or not. I said i do.. and how she opened her bible and recite to me Chapter 35 Isaiah about demon and sickness. I was there listening and didnt know how to cut it short. And then, she was like saying i was nice to listen to her and she said she wanted to pray for me for my future and wished that i would be a good clinician in future. I could not say "no" and she took my hand and prayed for me. It was a long pray! It was nice of her but she didnt knw my religion as she assumed we had the same. But out of respect i just let her do her thing. I was there like more than 20 minutes.
I must say bless her for being so nice.. and she is discharged tomorrow. I will wish her the best.

Sunday, October 26, 2008


Like i said in earlier post, i really think this guy is amazing and a talented singer. This is a song he made for ramadhan. I like it. Listen to this nice song. Cheers!

"Ku menatap dalam kelam
Tiada yang bisa ku lihat
Selain hanya nama-Mu ya Allah
Esok ataukah nanti
Ampuni semua salahku
Lindungi aku dari segala fitnah
Kau tempatku meminta
Kau beriku bahagia
Jadikan aku selamanya
Hamba-Mu yang slalu bertakwa
Ampuniku ya Allah
Yang sering melupakan-Mu
Saat Kau limpahkan karunia-Mu
Dalam sunyi aku bersujud
Hello... its sunday and like always it is my day off! Well... i woke up late today and well past mid day! well, i kind of need the break! i didnt do much i was up and check my emails... and then cooked my lunch... and then i spent hours and hours watching HEROES season 2!! and that is pretty much my sunday! I know it seems a waste but well... i am okay with it.
Now i am just reading some more journals online... and see if i can come up with new articles for my thesis. Well... thats my sunday! Dont judge me!
It is about 2am now, i am still up. I thought i go through my work again well what else.. my thesis and trying to find more article on norms of STAI, the malay version. Did email few people and so far no luck! I just realised how some people is so stingy to share. I must salute the author of PSQI as just one email and i got all done! Prof Danial Buysse is so brilliant! Things like this at times make you think how hard to work with your own people.. my previous study few years back i did email Prof Sharbany, for her permission to use her intimacy friendship scale, and she was a lovely lady as well, she was so helpful and even helped with my write-up! and she was from Israel! My current study, hmm its Malaysia and damn hard! no offence people! Just a frustration!
Anyhow... i felt good just now as i went to Highgate and played monopoly, it has been a while we played. I won hahaah... good strategy! ahaha... and the feeling was good as it been a while i hang out with them... good to have the old group back... Euan, Syubb there... Rai, Preiti, Alvin, Belinda, Dixson and Natalie... the good old times feel! I was glad and happy for that.... and i got some movies from Euan as well, i just realised that lately i am dry on new movies! hahaha.... I will watch Heroes season 2 as i missed almost all... as on Tv now its season 3... i knw i can still watch it but still i prefer to watch season 2 before the latest one...
And well... i am hoping to read some novels soon.... maybe the novel by Stephanie Meyer! and see what all the hype is all about!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

It is 3am now. I just finished doing some refine to my thesis. I know i have been keeping it aside these few days as i been busy and unable to touch it. The three days in clinic had gone rather quickly and very busy with patients and the project. And for three consecutive days, i reached home and went to sleep, up about 7pm or 8pm. I dont like it, as i missed my TV hahaha and my gym so i went to gym at night around 10pm instead. Similar today, i was up about 9pm even worst! And ate my dinner and went gym for an hour. And then showered and decided that i do some work on my thesis the literature review bit. I managed to do some and now it is about 70% finished. Will do the rest tomorrow. It is so hard to get information on how anxiety affects malays! will do my best and then will do the research paper bit, will be ok as all i need to do is add a little here and there n run SPSS to get more tables and ANOVA. Damn i m not good at this! Hopefully will finish by next week. My supervisor will be back in 2 weeks time and expect me to submit it by then and so i can continue with the second and third research papers (which is just extra bit not part of the course).
By the way, i had my final placement review today and it went well. I can say i have passed! hehe.. just need to submit my clinic log book and presented 2 cases to the clinic coordinator at uni and then i will be officially finish my clinic!!!!!!!!!!!! wow... its been 2 years ya!! and then will be busy with things going home!! I do miss home when i think about it... but then again, i am ok wherever i am! Just that maybe there are many things to look forward to back home! Okay i guess i will sleep now and get up later go gym and do work and meet up with kieu.. which remind me to msg Terry for our usual catch up and meet up on friday. Anyhow... smell you later!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Last night, when i was about to go to sleep, i switched the TV on and was just checking what was on. I turned to one channel and saw the movie "A BETTER TOMORROW" on tv. I was like this is one movie out of Hong kong that is worth watching. I have watched this movie many times and still i like it. A Better Tomorrow is a 1986 Hong Kong action film, which had a profound influence on the Hong Kong movie-making industry, and later on an international scale. It is directed by John Woo (i must say this is among his good films as most films he made for hollywood were suck big times and not even one come close to matching his earlier work). The stars in the movie include Chow Yun-Fat (brilliant performace!!), Ti Lung and the late Leslie Cheung (He looked so young in this movie and did deliver a good performance as well).
A Better Tomorrow depicts mob violence in a romantically surreal fashion. Not only did the movie make Woo and Chow international stars, it started a whole new genre of films which followed its unique style of romanticized violence. Take an example, Quentin Tarantino in his films such as Pulp Fiction. The plot is one that resonates well with audiences, especially in China. Two friends lead a carefree, immoral life, until suddenly it all comes crashing down. The two friends then take different paths, but ultimately they find that they must come together to set things right again. Despite its criminal content, A Better Tomorrow resounds with messages about morality, family, shame, responsibility, and forgiveness.
The film is a standout in a few ways: first and foremost, for the exceptional performance by the actors. In particular, Chow's portrayal of Mark Lee goes through a dramatic transformation from a stylish, cynical crook (Hong Kong teenagers took up the circular-shades-and-duster-jacket look for years) to a shamed, broken man with a dream to regain his dignity. His performance at times elevates the film from a pulp crime story to an emotional quest for understanding and dignity. Secondly, it was the film that introduced most of Asia to the John Woo style, which includes tightly-choreographed violence and gunplay. It contains one of film's all-time great gun battles, one that is similar to a music video
in style and concept.
Despite this movie has been around like more than 20 years, it is still watchable. I thought i will just watch a little bit and went to sleep, but it made me stay in front of TV and watched the whole movie! Now i am thinking i want to watch the sequel! Will look for it!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Hello... these two days i have been feeling quite tired and fatique... headache and hungry! hmmm... anyhow it has been good at clinic... many things to do.. wont talk about that... anyhow tomorrow is my final placement review!
Oh ya... few days ago, a friend asked me about relationship and as i was tired i could not give any advice or opinion on that and i did say i will write it here. I am no expert in this area as i am suck at it too but i will give my opinion as a friend. The thing is that my friend is in this relationship which just began not even a month and out of nowhere suddenly, a new person appeared and think this new person is a better one (i quoted "100 times better") and realised that it was a mistake to start the relationship with the first one. You all out there would say, "hello, this is so simple!". I thought so too. I mean why start the first relationship when not sure and it shows how much my friend actually like the first person. I did ask and my friend clarified that he did not want the relationship in the first place. I was like... hmm... i remember he mentioned to me that he liked the person and wanted to be with that person. My friend did mention he felt pressured to be in that relationship as he liked the person and wanted to be in relationship despite the fact that he was not that sure. But he did. That is one point. He did think and made up his mind, he entered the relationship despite the fact he did have few conditions, he was not really wanted to commit the whole way in that relationship and just take it slow. However he did agree to be in the relationship. That was a mistake i think for him. As he wasnot that committed and met a new person. And somehow think this new person is much better! And he mentioned that he was glad as the first person somehow showed him that the relationship was a mistake as he found a new and better person.
Well, i have few points here for my friend:
1). It was not wise to start the first relationship as not sure and felt pressured. No one could force someone to be in the relationship. You did say yes and agreed and for me, show some responsibilities in that. I know you did mention you didnt want it but my point is you did say yes to it.
2). I think as you didnt want that relationship in the first place (and yet didnt want to lose the person) and hence you always come up with excuses to show/prove or convince yourself this first person was not good. Subconciously you act that way.
3). I would say and ask you what make you think that this new person is better. You said there is chemistry, and yet you did say the same about the first person too. I think it is just a way for you to get out.
4). well, if you want this new person, it is up to you. I cant decide. You have to think for yourself. And well, i would say end the first one first before jumping right into the second one. And i would ask you to be sure or else you would just repeat the whole thing again, as you did say you are easily bored with a person. And this had happened before. And you know yourself better.
5). About time to grow up and out of fear. Be a man... and be nice and wiser and mature.
6). Be nice and dont keep saying, "i rather hurt people than people hurting me". Do care about people feeling.
7). Well... all is actually up to you... i have no right or whatsoever for your doing... i am just looking after your best interest as a friend.
Anyhow... it is not my place to say anything really as i am not perfect myself. Like i said to you.. dont take any offence out of this. I am just trying to make you do the right thing and assist you in anyway that i am possible. But at the end of the day... it is all up to you!

Monday, October 20, 2008


Here "CONFESSION NO 1".. this is one of my favourite albums for the year. It is so hard to get a decent album lately. This guy is really awesome. Really like his music. I like his songs especially "Yang Ku Tahu cinta itu indah", a duet with Nagita. And I really think "Terima kasih cinta" is a nice and wonderful song! Hope to see more from this young talent!
Thanks YOU for giving me this. Anyhow... enjoy!


Hi... today isnt that bad. Despite i was so tired from yesterday trip, i managed to get the sleep i needed. Anyhow saw the referrals on the white board and checked it out. And just do what is needed and the usual stuffs! Just that as Repat is a geriatric hospital mostly, it is nice that i have a young patient today. Good!
Anyhow... i put on facebook a comment "Yusri thinks sadness is the beginning of happiness!" something like that. I am just smiling when i got Lizzie responded "really" and kieu "Part of loss but that doesnt mean you cant be happy" hahaha... yes... for me just simple.. i would gain after a loss! We wont knw thing if we never experience sadness in life. It makes you stronger and see things in different perspectives. Well, i am just being positive here. Why mourned about the lost at times when you can think of gaining. Why sad the whole time when you can be happy! hahaha... so you all get it?! hahaha....

Sunday, October 19, 2008



I went for a trip to Barossa today. Kieu asked me before but i couldnt make it as i wasnt free, and i thought why not i go this time. We went in 3 cars and well, it was bumpy ride hahaha as i am not used to being a passenger and did make me feel headache. Anyhow, i did enjoy myself.. we went to Lavender Farm, and went to some winery and wanted to go to Lego Land however it was closed. Maybe next time. We went to Tanunda but couldnt find the Ghost town, but we did go to the cemetery. Apparently Tanunda is a haunted town in South Australia. Hmm.. i did feel freaky at the cemetery. Just feel a bit weird that we visited cemetery and i felt freaky but the area was lovely. Anyhow, i am really tired. Anyhow... some pictures here and more on my facebook as always!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Hello... the weather today was nice... last night was fun. And it was happy and it been some time feeling that way. Anyhow today i had lunch with Terry at Kieu's parents restaurant at Hanson road. It's vietnamese food. Not bad at all. Kieu joined us as that was her lunch break.

It was funny when Tery said.. "wow ur mum is pretty kieu" ahhaah now we know how kieu get her look... her parents are nice! some are just some pics.. anyhow... will update more... now will go out again for dinner and maybe sing! hehe... i have no mood to do work and so i will go out.

Till later!

Hello... i tried to look for Jazmine song to be put here... but seemed unable so well i put Ella's song instead. I am a huge fan of her. The first concert i attended in my life was hers. I remember that was when she was touring due to the success of her "30110" album. And despite all, i still think she is great and such as fan til now. Anyhow, this is one of the songs that i like from her. PEDIH... she does have lots amazing songs!

Just a little bit of information:

Norzila binti Haji Aminuddin or Ella (born July 31, 1966) is a popular Malaysian rock musician. Ratu Rock is Malay for "Queen of Rock" and this is an apt title for this compilation of Malaysian female rockstar Ella's more well-known hit songs spanning the 1990s to today. Ella still holds at the time of writing the local record for the bestselling female artist for pushing more than 300,000 copies of her records during the peak of her career. She also become an international icon and one of the 'Richest Artist' in Malaysia.


A friend gave me this song... quite nice... by Jazmine Sullivan.... enjoy!

"I bust the windows out your car
And though it didn’t mend my broken heart
Ill probably always have these ugly scars
but right now I don’t care about that part.
I bust the windows out your car
After I saw you laying next to her
I didn’t wanna but I took my turn
I’m glad I did it cuz you had to learn
I must admit it helped a little bit
To think of how you'd feel when you saw it
I didn’t know that I had that much strength
But I’m glad you see what happens when
You see you cant just play with peoples feelings
Tell them you love them and don’t mean it
you’ll probably say that it was juvenile
But I think that I deserve to smile
ha, ha, ha, ha, ha
I bust the windows out ya car
You know I did it cuz I left my mark
Wrote my initials with the crowbar
And then I drove off into the dark
I bust the windows out ya car ha
,you should feel lucky that was all I did
After 5 whole years of this bullshit
Gave you all of me and you played with it
I must admit it helped a little bit
To think of how you'd feel when you saw it
I didn’t know that I had that much strength
But I’m glad you see what happens when
You see you cant just play with peoples feelings
Tell them you love them and don’t mean it
You probably say that it was juvenile
But I think that I deserve to smile
Bust them windows out yo car
But it don’t come back to my broken heart
You could neva feel I how I felt that day
Until it happens baby you don’t know pain
Ooh Yeah I did it (yeah I did it)
You should know it (you should kno it)
I ain’t sorry (I ain’t sorry)
You deserved it (you deserved it)
After what you did to me (after what you did)
You deserve it (you deserve it)
I ain’t sorry no no (I aint sorry)
You broke my heart so I broke you car
You caused me pain (you caused me pain)
So I did the same
Even though what you did to me was much worse
I had to do something to make you hurt
Oh but why am I still crying
Why am I the one who’s still crying
Oh oh you really hurt me baby
You really you really hurt me baby
Hey hey hey hey hey
Now watch me Yule
Now watch me Yule
Oooh I bust the windows out your car"

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


One of the songs from Erra that i think is nice. Enjoy!

"Bukan sekali bukannya dua
telah sering kita berjumpa
belum pernah terusik rasa
kita sekadar kawan biasa

Aku kenali siapa dirimu
kau pun tahu siapa diriku
kerna engkau teman bicara
antara kita tiada rahsia

Tiba tiba ku lihat sikapmu
tidak seperti dulu
terhadapku kau menaruh hati
sejak bila tak kusedari

Tiba tiba kurasa diriku
tidak seperti dulu terhadapmu
ku menjadi resah
sering kehilangan kata kata

Kini bila bertentangan mata
bergementar seluruh anggota
entah mengapa tiadaku tahu
berdepan denganmu ku terasa malu... "

PLANT "as good as Prozac"

I took this from the Advertiser dated 9/10/08... interesting! Well in my world! hahaha...

"It has been a happy alternative for those reluctant to pop pills for depression. But the herbal extract St John's wort now has more than cheerful converts to testify to its mood-lifting powers. In what has been billed as the most thorough study of the plan, scientists found it was just effective as Prozac at treating depression. It also had fewer side effects than many standard drugs used to help those battling despair. Researchers from the Centre for Complementary Medicine in Munich compared the effects of St Jon's wort with placebos and a wide range of old and new antidepressants, including those from the new generation of SSRI drugs, such as Prozac. The findings could prompt more GPs to prescribe the extract. Experts do not know how the plant lifts depression, although most believe it probably keeps the chemical serontonin which is linked to positive moods, in the brain for longer."
Hey, i just came back home. It has been a long and very productive day today. And i didn't manage to finish report just now as it been busy. I didn't even have lunch well that by choice, just ate a burger. I went to see my patient, was quite a difficult one as due to limitation i could not do much assessment especially with the one i needed the patient to use hand. The patient fell and had a SAH. Well it is a term, sub-arachnoid hemorrhage anyhow, i didnt check the MRI or CT but i was assuming left side of brain as causing right sided hemiplegia... and well, despite that the patient seemed not motivated and well i needed to have lots of encouragement and persuasion to conduct the assesment as the patient felt it was not necessary. And well the patient was "nice" and "cooperative" but easily giving up and at time i could sense the sarcasm hahaha... anyhow i did my best and then i gave feedback to my previous patient that i saw on monday. And this is another one that seemed so not pleased with the progress and looked like sleaky. Well, its part of the job, it has up and down. It did make me felt frustrated but i kept saying to myself this is just part of the job, at times there are pleasant patients and at times there would be hard ones. Just do the best as i can. And like i managed to get summary report done and headed home. And i feel like i want to be alone by myself and well the feeling just that i need some time by myself and do not want to be disturbed. I may go get some dvds later. And i just need the pool and SPA as i think i am mentally tired ahahah.... and need to be recharge but despite all that i feel so positive and happy, which i am glad. Okay i will head to the pool now... i am too tired to go gym today and give it a break!


i know my title is so like... hmm... it sounds better in malay ... hahha SELAMAT PAGI CINTA hahahah.... well no reason for that.... just that i feel very energetic this morning and hyper. Eventually, i managed to get the cheesy wrap from Hungry Jack for my breakfast. It was not that good as it seemed to be on telly! I was like "damn you advertisement!" yes... really not good... well for me. Still prefer the brekky at McD. Sorry.... and the hash brown was not good too. Maybe i am just used to McD brekky.
Anyhow, i feel so bloated now after eating the wrap and like oh my... no good... while writing this my supervisor arrived and i stopped a bit and discuss our plan for the day. I have referral from the ward and i will see the patient today. And i have few feedback sessions to give today. Yay... so it would be a productive day for me! which is good. So i reckon i stop here and will continue later.... see ya.. and have a good one!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I was doing my walk just now. And i saw a guy reading a book while walking. I mean i see this before, it irritated me when i saw it just now. For me, you are good if you are bookworm, but like you need your eyes to see the road, and while he was crossing the road, he was still walking and reading. Well, i am sorry mate... that was just pathetic! I hope there would be new rule, no reading and walking at the same time. It is so so not cool dude!
I just arrived at my hospital. It was not too bad this morning as yesterday, i was not that dragging to get up but the lazy bug was still there. Despite i did not get up in time, somehow like always i managed to be down at the car park by 8am and managed to reach hospital by 8.40am and be the first (eh Yus... it is not a competition!! symptoms of OCD? Type A personality?). Anyhow now just having my coffee and finding the mood to do the reports. Was reading the assessment results just now, initially all seems to be straight forward. Patient with right CVA and expected some areas such as visual memory, speed and visuospatial to be reduced and i thought yes! easy report to write... then i checked on the higher executive functioning and language, all seems fine, but then i noted that one area of semantic fluency was not normal. oh... now it makes me think as that is part language and language is left side of the brain. This is not normal. I was like oh... not again... similar like a case i saw last week, but that was an old elderly person and i thought the explanation was early dementia or alzheimers... but this one is quite a young person. Hmm... maybe i need to do more testing to clarify and need my supervisor so i can discuss it. I am waiting for my supervisor to arrive hence i kill the time writing here. Anyhow, i hope today will go quickly, my plan is to finish all the pending reports so doctors wont be asking hahaha and i can do feedback. That reminds me that i need to find some resource on how to live or handle patient with alzheimers... to be given as feedback to a family. Okay then, i reckon i stop here for now and smell you later!

Monday, October 13, 2008


Angel? let me ... the person... only us know... Siapa dia? Biar kita saja yang tahu!....

you come into my life....
brightening my darkness....
never thought i found you...
at the times... when i lose my faith...
at the times... when chaos surrounding me.....
With you Angel...
I feel calm...
I feel safe....
i wipe my tears...
as u make me laugh...
As u make me smile again....
seeing the whole...
as beautiful again!


Woke up this morning, i was like dragging myself up. I felt so lazy, i think i been hit by lazy bug! Totally didnt do anything during the weekend.. Just lazying around... pretty bad! Anyway, came to clinic and i wanted to do my reports but i didnt have the file so i did some reading and did some amendment to my thesis. I saw the board and i noted there was referral and i felt so lazy. I just did my work and reading while waiting for my supervisor. She came and as i expected.. she asked me to see the patient... and well i couldnt get the patient as he was in the gym with the PT. And i went and looked for my patient that i couldnt see last week for feedback. And while in the ward i thought i saw Parnoon there... talking to one patient. And talking in her native language. Interesting. Anyhow i gave my feedback and went back and informed my supervisor that i would look for the patient at 11am. I managed to get to the patient and did my neuropsych assessement. I was a bit not motivated and like sleaky, poor my patient hehe but i did try my best. I was just not myself and i just did the assessment as quickly as possible.
Anyhow right after that things went pretty much okay... did the scoring and discussed the case. And report writing. And went home and went gym. Then thought of what to eat for dinner. I had no idea so i just put out satay sauce, put chicken n vege, n mixed with the rice hehehe... Satay Fried Rice... hehehe.. and now i m here writing on my blog and watch Friends!! I love this series... so i catch up with u all pretty soon! Oh ya... Kieu so sweet... got me honey peanut! hehehe....

You... Still....

"I Just Want You In My Dream....
Maybe You Never Want To Think About I...
Just Want You In My Life....
Maybe You Never Want To Think About Me...
If I Don't See You Anymore...
I Love You Still....."


" Now and whenever
I swear i'll love you
You'll never be alone
Now and whenever
My bad times will be your good times
Rely on me, you have a companion
I'll always be there
You can rely on me anytime
Now and whenever
Because you're my destiny
I was born in this world
So that everyday, i'll always be by your side
So that now and whenever
I serve you my dearest..."


"Di Mana ku letakkan jiwa ini...
seakan berterbangan...
Untuk mencari tempatnya...
Hatiku kan selamanya...
Memuja dan menyinta..
kau kekasihku


This has been among my favourite songs... like to listen to it and it makes me calm down...
Its by Marshanda...

"Astaghfirullah robbal baroyaa
Astaghfirullah minal khothooya
Ya Illahi Ya Tuhanku
Ampunilah dosa dosa ku
Aku rindukan kehadiran Mu
Sepanjang jalan hayat hidupku
Tiada berharap hanya dari Mu
Ya Illahi mohon pada Mu
Penuh harapan petunjuk Mu
Aku tersesat di jalan ini
Tak tau lagi arah kembali
Tuntunlah aku kemana pergi
Ya Illahi Ya Tuhanku
Hamba Mu ini menuju Mu
Jiwa ragaku jadi belenggu
Hanya rahmat Mu selamatkanku
Relakan aku dekat pada Mu
Ya Illahi, pandanglah kami
Mohon curahkan belas kasih Mu
Agar ku dapat keredhaan Mu"

Sunday, October 12, 2008


I was kind of laughing myself off a little bit... on how certain thing you do and people comment on it.... I put my pic while i was at the pool as my picture on facebook... some was like "wow" daring and some like "oh god" like disgusted... well i dont care.. i am not hurting anyone and i know some was like... "ha ha ha" and thought it was amusing. This is kind of thing that i like to perceive from people, how certain people react to certain things... and it is just my habit to learn and observe people behaviour. It is funny where people attune to what you do hahaha.. for me as long as i think i am okay with it, that was matter and as long as i am not hurting anyone. Anyhow thanks for the feedback people.. and like i said... i do what i like to do hahaha.... as long as i know my limit!

Saturday, October 11, 2008



WILD THINGS 4!!!!! hahaha...

Guys u knw... another new movie... entitle WILD THINGS 4... happened at Domain Apt... starring Yus alias Yau hahaha.......... well this what happened when i am bored and searching for motivation to do my work... ahhaha see the pic... similar ya! hahaha... yes WILD THING 4 is about a guy.. as the previous three all involved women! hahaha..... sorry i dont have poster for Wild things 3 hahaah....


Hi... i cant do work... all seems to be blocked... not motivated to do my work... i am supposed to finish my second paper for my journal publishing now so i can get started on my third one.... well... typical me... i wont forced... i cleaned the house... did laundry... still not motivated at all to do work... I went to the gym... and did some work out... normal routine.. and eventually the pool is back to use but the SPA is still not working yet! damn... anyhow... i am hoping that after all these i would have the mood to do my journal! well apparently not still... i ended up cooking hainan chicken rice... with soya chicken! haha thanks CY for your suggestion! anyhow... i will try and do my journal... now i want to iron my clothes! catch u later!



yesterday after uni... had lunch with Ho san...and then waited for Kieu and co... just our typical friday... didnt do much... just had drinks at La Boheme... and then dinner a bit... and just chat and walked a round and shop... looked for bag for Terry and some stuffs for Hans' dad... and then head home n talked with Kieu... about usual stuffs while waiting for Terry and later chat up for coffee with him and Thy joined us....

anyhow... til later... need to talk with my mate soon... and will be back later!!

Friday, October 10, 2008


I am at uni computer pool... i thought that i am supposed to have a meeting with Kurt... well... technical problem... i did remember about arranging meeting after the 10th Oct at 1pm for every friday with him... but i was not sure that it was after and not included the 1oth Oct hahaha... like i said technical problem! hahaha... anyhow... thats mean next week then and just live it with. Anyhow, never mind... will do my second paper on the way as my diary stated by next week should finish the second journal... well i did the result section just the discussion bit, and summary and abstract to be done... hopefully will finish by next friday and forward it.... and will start on the third paper right after.... anyhow... it is friday.. i have plan and all been set for the day, next is having lunch, then meet up with Terry and Kieu and dinner etc... well, i am hoping my saturday just to be at home... do my work... but i reckon the weather is getting better... and hence would tempt me to do outings! Anyhow... you people have a good day too! I know i will!


Stephenie Morgan Meyer is an American author. She is the author of the popular books the Host and Twilight, along with the sequels New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. A film adaptation of Twilight will be released on November 21, 2008. Nothing much i know of this author until she was mentioned by Kieu, whom so excited about it. I am yet to read the books and well the movie is coming out soon. The actor was the guy who died in Harry Porter... dont know his name. Well... maybe i will watch it. Looking at it, remind me of that movies or books done by Anne Rice. Anyhow we see how it will take us to. Cheers!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008


I was just talking with Kieu the other day about book... and she mentioned about this author Stephenie Meyer with her books Breaking Dawn which will be made into movie... another J.K.Rowling! ahhaha... well we will talk about that later... once i read the book... i am supposed to get them from Thy one of these days...

Anyhow.. Kieu asked what i read... well apart from pscyh books that is... i told her that i was such a big fan of James Patterson... i think it can relate to me... well the main character in most of his book... Alex Cross is a psychologist and i am one! hahaha... well i am not that lame! hahah anyhow... i think his story is very nice and intriguing. Just that lately i seldom have the time to read and will try to get back into the habit.... Last book by him that i bought was STEP ON A CRACK... and i think among all... i like his book... CRADLE AND ALL.... i remember reading that i couldnt get the book down and read in a go... and back in UK, my friends Ady Thien and Shamsiah shared the same interests with me.. i can remember how we exhanged books with each other and talked about it... and one time, James Patterson came to Leeds at Borders... we went just to see him. Wish i have the photo with me so i can post here.... i dont have it with me... but meeting him was great... for you who have no idea, this is some of his informations:

  • James Patterson, dubbed "the man who can't miss" by Time magazine.

  • Holds the New York Times bestsellers list record* with 39 New York Times bestselling titles overall.

  • Is responsible for one out of every fifteen hardcover novels sold in 2007.

  • In 2007, an estimated 16 million James Patterson books were sold in the United States alone–more than John Grisham and Stephen King sold, combined, and more books than there are people subscribing to satellite radio.

  • Has sold more than 150 million books worldwide. And considering pass-along and libraries, it's safe to say many more people than that have read a Patterson!

  • Has had 19 CONSECUTIVE #1 New York Times hardcover bestselling novels.

  • Is the only author to occupy the #1 slot on the New York Times Adult Fiction and Children's Chapter Book bestsellers lists SIMULTANEOUSLY!

  • Patterson is also the only author to have THREE simultaneous HARDCOVER bestsellers on the New York Times Adult Fiction and Children's Chapter Book bestsellers lists! Patterson has occupied a slot on every single fiction bestsellers list the New York Times prints–and on the hardcover nonfiction list too.

  • MAXIMUM RIDE, Patterson's first ever Young Adult novel, spent 12 straight weeks at #1 on the New York Times Chapter Book bestsellers list and, as a series, has now spent more than 60 weeks on New York Times bestseller lists. MAXIMUM RIDE was an American Library Association 2005 "Teens Top Ten" pick and was a London Times "Book of the Week" selection and a Book Sense 2007 Children's Pick.

  • Has created the top two bestselling detective series of the past decade. Patterson's Alex Cross series, including Along Came a Spider and Kiss the Girls, is the top selling US detective series in the last twelve years. The next bestselling detective series also belongs to Patterson–the Women's Murder Club series, including, 1st to Die, 2nd Chance, 3rd Degree, and 4th of July. And, in 2007, he launched his 3rd #1 bestselling series with Step on a Crack, featuring New York City policed detective Michael Bennett.

  • Is the first author ever to be a Harvard Business School case study. The Harvard Business School is renowned for its rigorous case study teaching methodology, and Patterson's publishing world successes are being taught in a graduate-level course to the best and the brightest future corporate leaders.

  • Is America's best-loved storyteller across multiple genres. Patterson is the only novelist to have #1 bestsellers in the categories of suspense, fantasy, romance, and historical fiction.

  • He also created santaKid, a successful 2004 classic in children's fiction; Maximum Ride, #1 best selling novel for readers of all ages, as well as bestselling non-fiction titles, The Day America Told the Truth, and a sports title, Miracle on the 17th Green, 1996.

  • Is HOT in Hollywood! James Patterson's Women's Murder Club book series became a new television series for ABC in October, 2007. The show, a hit amongst critics and fans alike, stars Angie Harmon as detective Lindsay Boxer. Also, Spiderman and X-Men producer Avi Arad is at work on the screenplay for a feature film based on Patterson's Maximum Ride series!

  • Has spent more than 150 straight weeks on the USA Today 150 list of overall top-selling books in all categories and formats–longer than Tom Clancy, Stephen King, Danielle Steel or John Grisham.

  • Was the nationwide winner of the Readers' Digest Readers' Choice Award in 2004. He is also the first-ever author to receive the Bookspan endorsement International Thriller of the Year for Honeymoon, 2005. He won the BCA Mystery Guild's Thriller of the Year award for The Big Bad Wolf in 2003, and his first attempt at a novel, The Thomas Berryman Number, won the Edgar Award for Best First Mystery, the most prestigious mystery award there is, in 1976. He also won the International Thriller Writer's ThrillerMaster Award in 2007.

  • Is the founder of the James Patterson PageTurner Awards which, for three years running, has given away cash prizes totaling more than $600,000 to groups and individuals who do outstanding work to spread the fun and excitement of books and reading. Patterson is also on the board of the charitable organization First Book whose mission is to get the first book in the hands of underserved youth and has donated thousands of books to troops overseas.

  • Is the "most borrowed" author in the UK! Patterson's popularity grows in the United Kingdom, where his books were checked out over 1.5 million times in 12 months. This, in an otherwise declining book borrowing market.


I just got back from having coffee with Ken and Ho San... Ho san was so sleepy and tired... it was at Cibo China Town... bumped into Ching over there... anyhow... just a coffee and nothing much really... talked about usual stuffs and plan what to do for friday tomorrow... all i know for me, i have meeting with Prof Kurt and then will accompany Terry for some window shopping... he is looking for a bag and Kieu will come along i reckon... and maybe dinner etc... usual friday...
Just that one of the topics we talked about was relationship. The up and the down.. ahhaha... as Ken and I shared the same opinion that at times we are so comfy with ourselves that we dont need others in our life as in partner but we do know we need friends.. The exact word " we so love ourself that we dont need other to share it with" ahahah sound so selfish ya! but whatever works! hahaha.... and like how since we are so comfy with ourselves, it would be hard to adjust and get someone into our life... kind of... but we do acknowlegde that when the right time comes, we would just be ready! hahaha n with the right person of course!! It is nice at times just talk about stuffs randomly... and it is a way to chill out and steam off in certain ways.... and relaxing of course....
anyhow.... we were like thinking we need to spice things a little bit in Adelaide... with new gossip or anything hhahah... it was just a joke... not that we have nothing better to do.... anyhow... we will catch up again soon!!



i was supposed to write about relationship.. talked with Laurane and i came up saying maybe i should write about that. The thing is that lately i have few friends whom having relationships problem. I know the feeling, i been there, was there... i won't comment on mine hahaha... but i do know when the relationship ends, it is hard to deal with it especially if that was the person you love the most and thought the "one" ahhah... anyhow just to share with all of you... just a thought.... my friends back home do know i am a person that really suck at relationship! hahaha.... well not saying i am the bad one.. but my defend is that if the person is the right one for me, then all will be okay and fall in right places... and i be the most nice person and partner!

Back to the business...How to deal with a break up... Ending a relationship is the hardest thing to do. You are looking for answers but you see none and you keep crying and getting depressed. You keep asking yourself how to deal with a break up and start to feel alone and dumped. Breaking up or getting dumped is the most painful thing you could experience in a relationship. A mutual attraction that bloomed into a joyful and lovely relationship is hard to end when one or both became uncomfortable due to a lot of reasons. It hurts and it’s hard to accept that the person you love is no longer with you now and you need to learn how to deal with a break up.

At this stage when the break up is new you have to learn how to deal with a break up. Cry if you have to, it’s alright. Allow yourself to grieve; it’s the first step of healing. For men, it’s okay to cry, you are a human being who is deeply hurt. Cry if you need too, but of course you have to be discreet and don’t just cry anywhere because people might think you are getting crazy. You are hurt but you still have the responsibility to keep your sanity and keep your self in tact.
Break ups doesn’t always mean its permanent, sometimes it does mean you and your partner need space to think things over. Getting back together after a break up needs time. Use the time and space you both have to think things over. You and your partner can think clearly and may realize the importance of getting back together.

While you have your space to find out how to deal with a break up, there are things you can do to feel better. One thing is talk to people close to you or share your feeling with someone. You will feel better if you talk about your feeling to people close to you and cry on the shoulder of a friend or a family member.

Discovering how to deal with a break up includes loving yourself more. Do not blame yourself if the relationship needs to end. It’s not your fault, relationships are complicated and most people go through rough times when it comes to relationships. If you start to blame yourself, you will get depressed and even lonelier. Think of the good qualities you have and be in the company of your friends who will always remind you of your good qualities. To know how to deal with a break up is to realize that you need to love yourself more. You need this to get through the loneliness of break ups. Take care of yourself and don’t appear too depressed and sad. To deal with a break up with positive attitude will attract positive things and you will feel better if you will only think of positive things.

While you figure out how to deal with a break up, this is also the time to enjoy and do things you want to do. If you enjoy going to the gym with your friends then do it. If you love to teach children or be involved in community work, now you have all the time to do it. You may discover new things or rediscover yourself. Give yourself time to heal and think things over. This is good for you and your partner and when you finally see each other again you may see things differently and with new perspective.

Well, i do have a book on relationship etc and i couldnt find it just now... well maybe i will add the next time! For now.... i hope it helps!


Do we look alike?

Hi ppl...

things have been quiet after raya... clinic still the same... and busy as well... will finish soon! great! Anyhow... today i was at work and around 9am i went to the Day Rehab Service to book a time(1pm) for a patient to be seen.. while i was there... i saw the board and the patient was book for a PT session the time i wanted to have, so i asked a PT there can i switch the time as i only needed to see the patient maximum 30 mins... not a problem, i got it... but the funny thing was that... there was this nurse beside me, while i was talking to the OT person, the nurse passed me a card which i need to put on the board as booking with my label in it... the funny thing was, she gave me DR card to stick! She thought i was the rehab DR hahaha... the OT lady corrected her and gave a correct label with NEUROPSYCH in it. Okay, then i went to rehab A to see patients there and by 1pm i was back at Day rehab and the nurse was there. While waiting we talked, and she asked my name again and i mentioned to her and who i was under. She wrote my name on the board with my extension number depsite that my name already there beside my supervisor hahaah... but the thing was when she said sorry as earlier she thought i was Dr Abg Fahmi! It made me laughed... i mean maybe course we both Malays that she thought i was him... Dr Abg Fahmi is the rehab doctor there... and this lady, her name Lynette saying how i look like Dr Abg and she was convinced that we both related! I was like wow... even in OZ people thought like that as back at RIPAS, people always mixed us up... many people approached me and like... oh sorry "thought you dr abg" back in RIPAS! hahaha and now here! i wonder do we look alike? hahaha... and like last year here at my apartment agent office when i asked for parking, the person was like... didnt you come few days ago asking for parking... i was like... no... and the person was like... you did, you are abg right? ... see people thought i was him..... oh... hahaha... just sharing.... anyhow... i only have roughly 3 weeks with Repat and now i tend to know more people and time to go again! Typical... anyhow... i catch up with you people later!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Hello ppl... been few days i didnt write... i try to update as often as i could. Anyhow... after raya, been back to normal.. back to work... monday was public holiday but i did go to Repat to do some works.. and today was not that bad as well. First day uni for most people and i thought the traffic would be pack but not bad actually.... and my supervisor had errand and came a bit later and so i did my own work... did reading for my thesis thingie and reports writing. And i had a patient for assessment and that pretty occupied my day. Been okay and please with how thing has been going lately.

Oh ya... i gave myself a treat for raya... once in a while i spoilt myself... hehe... i got myself this panasonic camcorder a simple one model SDR-S7... just nice and small size which i like... last time i got myself Sony camcorder which cost me a fortune and it only lasted not even 1 year... bought it as for my brother wedding and it was good to have a handy cam to take some videos.... and i remember my brother took it to UK and once he was back, it was spoilt... send to shop and they said it wasnt covered and they couldnt get the part for repair. What a crap shit! hahaha.... and at that time i was here in Adelaide.... well that one thing gone to the drain... and this one i got it as i thought it would be fun to have one despite i know i hate to be recorded hahaha but my sis's wedding is coming up so may as well... and i got a company for my smiley! Ho san gave me Mr Doraemon aka Mon Mon as raya gift! hahah so my miss 'conie smiley' is no longer alone... hahaha... look at them so cute! Mon Mon and Conie Smiley!!

and oh ya... ppl kept saying about losing an hour due to the light saving time... for me eh people... we gained an hour before and no huha... always human... lost so "bising"!! hahaha... Night people!! Have a good day!!