Monday, August 27, 2012

This is another great movie from Indonesia. I cried. Oh my i love Paramitha as always. And amazing how all the people in this movie depsite their roles may be small but all are significant and memorable!!!
Lately i feel that AR is distanct a bit... maybe it is just my feeling. I dont know but well we will wait and see. If this is where we end well actually i am prepared. Watsapp not at much and frequent as before. Anyhow i am expecting it. And well i am liking the attention that CK asked from me lately. I like it. Yup between AR and CK, i would choose CK. CK matches me more and of course, love of my life... F..... :)
And i know I did ask me to go to open house. I did want to go but i think it would not be appropriate. We have broken up. And i dont think we can be friend too. Age-wise and crowd and all. I dont know. Seriously i dont know. But i am so sorry for not able to turn up.
I know this is raya but i took the opportunity as well to watch some dvd... Oh my god... I watched this Malaysian Movie entitle... Hanya Aku Sayang Kau Seorang... my godness... what a crap movie!!
And then i switched to watch this movie entitled "Serdadu Kumbang" An indonesian movie... my godness... so great and inspiring! Acting wise and all.. story line... Malay movie should be ashamed. And like the producer is Nia Zulkarnain. She used to be a famous Indonesian Actress and my my... my foot producers such as Yusof Haslam or David Teo could match her. It made me wonder why Malaysian movie so crap!
Hari Raya... as always so tiring and i am not even sure that i would do open house this year again. This so tiring and my mood is not there.
Just some pictures as i wont upload many hehehe... My facebook had most ot them.


Saturday, August 18, 2012

I am up early and could not sleep. So i decided to kill time reading news and anything online. I came across this article entitled 'Layakkah Aaron Aziz Bawa Watak Tun Mahathir?' on It made me laughed and synical about the author. I was like... even this can be an article?. I mean could this even be a question?. And how the author was saying it was maybe a good thing that Aaron Aziz declined the offer as it would raise an issue as he is not Malaysian. And the author stated that there are many other Malaysian actors would be up and far more suitable to carry the role. It may be true but why condemning Aaron Aziz. After all he is an actor. Acting not real. Who cares he is local or whatever. I was like erm... could not help but let me just ask... 'Layakkah Michelle Yeoh bawa Watak Aung San Suu Kyi?'... Same thing right? She was highly praised for being able to act that role. But like she is Malaysian.. not Burmese? And even before Stephen Rahman (I know he may be Malaysian, i may be wrong) but he was obviously like so westernized and yet he played Hang Tuah in a play before! Duhh...
I know i am not a phone person but with AR oh my god... i cant stop calling and watsapping! we were on the phone like from 1am til 5am last nyte! wowo.... I woke up late coz of that hehehe... YSR.... hehehe
My Baju raya this yr.... :)

Last night i went Sahur with Didi, Joe and his gf. Just us again. This poker ppl not into Sahur hahaha ... they went to watch movie and we didnt join them hehehe....

Well our Psych Team went out to have Iftar At All Season.. was good but the restaurant got this suck rules. Food could only be taken at 6.30pm not earlier... And like no cancellation but addition can. Stupid! We book 8 Adults n 1 kid, turned up 11 adults.... and still we had to pay the kid for not turning up!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Oh my... i think my record for sungkai out this year matches last year or even more... Oh my... i need to stay home and eat in!!
This year: Silla, Fratini, Nur Wanita, Manjaro, Mariscos, Polo Tarindak, Saffron, Savvy, Frangipani, Swensens, Twelv & Vintage Rose so far.
I am not trying to show off but alhamdullilah... Rezeki been good. And Thank you Allah for that.

Seriously AR when i msg IMY... You replied IMY2! Ermm i wonder where are we heading... so we simply are flirting! :) But i am liking it.
Oh Ya another thing i want to say here is about Danny. I just hope he knows what he is doing and i hope he wont end up hurting someone later at the end of the day. And i know his gf's character. She is that typical malay and conventional girl. Less i say the better but i wish them all the best.

It has been a while since we last met.. i think few months! So here we are gathering again during Ramadhan but Darul was not able to make it!

While sungkai we celebrated Abg Amir's bday. It was just nice and simple! :)

Today I had sungkai with my cousins... Abg Amir, Azim And Danny... we went to Frangipani. Darul was supposed to join but he had family gathering.

I went to have Sahur with Didi, Joe and his gf and their cousin. It was so filling..

Saturday, August 11, 2012

While waiting for sungkai today, i opened up one box of my lego and did the construction. It is Droid Escape. So nice and cute right.... :)

I came to office this morning to find this on my table. I tot it was frm my staff Yvonne... and then i checked it was from Shiling, a student who did a clinical attachment with me few weeks ago. It was so thoughtful of her. This is what we do back in UK or Oz, end of placement, we would get something for our supervisor.
Indeed this is a nice gesture.

Like i said life is all about food and love lately. This place is called THE COLONY. A tiny place at The Mall. It was just okay really. My tea was not good but Amal's was. Hers was Sakura Sakura. And well as it took some time as the waiter was only one and he had to do all by himself. Pity him but his service was good so it was forgiven.