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"Sejak ia pergi dari hidupku
Kumerasa sepi
Kau tinggalkan ku sendiri disini
Tanpa satu yang pasti

Aku tak tahu harus bagaimana
Aku merasa tiada berkawan
Selain dirimu
Selain cintamu

Kirim aku malaikatmu
Biar jadi kawan hidupku
Dan tunjukkan jalan yang memang
Kau berikan untukku
Kirim aku malaikatmu
Karena ku sepi berada disini
Dan didunia ini aku tak mau sendiri

Tanpa terasa kuteteskan air mata
Yang tiada berhenti mengiringi
Kisah dihati

Aku tak tahu harus bagaimana
Aku merasa tiada berkawan
Selain dirimu
Selain cintamu

Dan didunia ini aku tak mau sendiri"
Have u ever feel that despite you have so many friends but at times.. u just have urself and lonely and the ppl that u want to be wit you are not wit you or like the ppl that you expect to be frens would be the one whom made u feel lonely... and like u always there for them.. but when u need them.... they r not there and the least ppl that you expect to be there for u... there for u.... and like it made u think... wow... laugh n fun many ppl and once u r down, then u knw who r your real friends are.... for me... i knw all these times, i always think family are your best fren... blood always thicker than water.. but i do knw at times we are also blessed wit friends... and i knw i am... just that... i cant trust some frens thats all... i am always skeptical that some r just there for convenient... and at times, must say i have selfish fren... whom just want to get their ways thru you... like after a while... not even "How are you" and just simply ask this and that for their benefits... some ppl are just fren for fun... i mean i m not complaining.. i have observed that its hard to find genuine one... i had few occasions when i was really down.. i felt i had no frens at all... but one thing i always observed.. ppl that i least expect.. wont lend me their shoulders n be there.... funny how world works ya.... i remember one day... i have close frens here... but like they will be last to be there for me and to knw wat happend to me... instead frens whom are not here in brunei... comforted me... Love u C for that... and like always... D will be online n always a pillar to me.. by wanting to kick my ass to make me realise my doings! hahah... and chat with Kieu and Divya always lovely... and well... firdaus and Haiza... hehe .. of course! hehe... these are frens ppl.... and i do knw... i always can revert to God... always... nah just like just now... i feel lonely again... mayb GAD hahah n msg ppl but like ermm... late reply one thing n well... really others no respond... i tot coffee or so.. i mean i would text haiza but not suitable hahah but guess wat... fir called in to chat... i was like wow... like he knws i needed a fren to talk to hahah... called in all the way from down under... ermm nice... thats a fren... n once i m online... D texted... wow... unlike some ppl online... until i say hi dont expect them to approach u first unless they needed to ask something! wat the... anyhow.. til later... well i may forget to mention some ppl... just the moment.. i mean i have dear fren in Meela.. Haslin also hehehe... mayb next time i will talk abt other ppl.. ehehehehe


Just wanna let things out here.... well not much... i think maybe it had been busy and stressful at times.. anyhow... just few things:
1. I wonder until wat limit we can do with patients? Just like today was in the ward, bumped into Dr Munir and he looked tired and at times frustrated... and i said hi.. and wats up... he stated that at times feel frustrated with chronic cases that demanding n unreasonable expectation etc... i knw this is our job and we had to take it... i did say... do time-out as at times we need to look after ourself too... like me... thus y after work i need time on my own... i will do my exercise on my own... as i need it... and i did tell him as well... i had client whom complaint and angry wit us just because we moved the our waiting area... the client didnt like it... well... i shouldnt say client (as they r not paying!) like Dr connie said... dont like that word... hehe... patients that the word... at times so highly demanding... and well... maybe i was in such a bad mood.. i couldnt stand it and said my piece of mind to the patient! ye la... my clinic... my right how i decorate n design... aiyo!!
2. Today as well, went to a shop to get an envelope... and no one attending the shop... the keeper went to pray... i mean ya... pray but like business is on as well... like i had to wait... is it wrong to be mad?
3. Yesterday, i had this unknown number on my mobile.. and so i called it back... i said nice "oh... just to tanya, i got ur no on my mobile..." before even i finished wat i wanted to say.. was interrupted by the operator in high pitch and angry tone "MANA DAPAT TU BANYAK KALI D SINI ANE MANA KAMI DAPAT TRACE"... i m like in my head... no hi or intro whereabt the place... so nicely i asked again "i know... but may i just now where is the place"... to be told rudely "ANE KLINIK SENGKURONG, IATAH MANA KAMI DAPAT TU GTAU SAPA TFUN".... so i m like... firmly and sternyly... "Oh atu yang aku mahu tau, di mana saja, i am aware kita nda dpat aku ne org RIPAS jua and aware of it tfun operator ane... just wanted to knw dari mana... SALAHKAH!!! NDA JUA PAYAH KITA KAN TERIAK-TERIAK AND MARAH MARAH ANE!! and that bit i was kinda yelled and i ended it with F%^&! to the lady... i am like come on cant ppl talk nicely... thats their job as operator... and i am like no wonder Sengkurong clinic had so much complaint!!
4. Another thing, i cant understand why some ppl in health profession, cant understand the meaning of respecting other professions... the meaning of qualified and licensing... just that couple days ago... i got a text frm a fren asking for his colleague whether the colleague can borrow my assessment tools for one of the tests... i am like.. ya i do have the tools but like... the tools is designed and licensed only for clinical psychologist to use.. n not other professionals... like i cant used SLT tools for mine... Audiology machines per say... i mean ya... maybe you read from internet certain tools to be used for assessments but always remember, who can used which... of course i wont let ppl use our psych tools.. otherwise like wat the point of me then... this is ethics and standard of practice... stick to your scope ppl!! i m registered n licensed and so i am strict about this!!

well.. am sorry if complaint too much... but like i said mayb burnt out... and underappreciated... but like i said... i like to pout things out.. i mean no harm... but if terasa... sorry la... i m just saying the fact here...

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Nike Ardilla

I must say i am amazed by this singer... apart from ELLA, she is my fav singer of all time... here some info about her. Taken from Wikipedia... Must say... i think she was/is huge!! Still cant understand why ppl find ppl Siti Nurhaliza is great, for me she is nothing... I salute Sheila Majid more than her and well Agnes can beat her anytime and many other great singers!! and well i think Nike Ardilla, even in her death still better for me than her!

Raden Nike Ratnadilla or commonly known as Nike Ardilla (27 December 1975 - 19 March 1995) was a rock singer from Bandung, West Java Indonesia. She died as the result of a car accident in Bandung at the age of 19, while at the height of her popularity and her name remains famous in Indonesia. She was known as "Young Legend". Until now, Nike Ardilla is a musician, singer, movie star, and the most successful models in the history of show biz industry in Indonesia exist.

With 30 million albums sold worldwide and the prestigious honor of being the only artist under the age of 15 who can sold an album over 2 million copies ever in Indonesia. More than any other single artist, Nike Ardilla was the driving force behind the return of teen pop Rock in the late '80s. Nike Ardilla didn't just become a star—she was a bonafide pop phenomenon. Not only did she sell millions of records, she was a media fixture regardless of what she was (or wasn't) doing; among female singers of the era (many of whom followed in her footsteps). From the outset, Nike Ardilla sex appeal was an important part of her image.When Ardilla's debut album of titled Seberkas Sinar was released in mid 1989, it entered the charts at number one and stayed there for ten weeks. Once the ubiquitous lead single died down, the album kept spinning off hits: Number one single "Seberkas Sinar," the Top 10 ballad "Cinta Pertama," and the Top 5 "Tembang Asmara." By the end of 1989. Seberkas Sinar had sold 1 million copies, and went on to sell a good three million more on top of that. Its success touched off a wave of young Lady Rocker that included Anggun C Sasmi, Poppy Mercury, Inka Christie, and Mayang sari. Nike Ardilla was a superstar, drooled over in countless magazines. By the time ...Seberkas Sinar finally started to lose steam on the singles and album charts, Nike Ardilla was ready to release her follow-up. Bintang Kehidupan appeared in the spring of 1990, and the title track was an instant smash, racing into the Top Number One. The album itself entered the charts at number one and sold over 500.000 copies in its first week of release, setting a new record for single-week sales by a female artist. Follow-up singles included "Salut," the gold-selling "Putih." A year after its release, Bintang Kehidupan had sold over two million copies. After that so many album had released such as : Nyalakan Api 1991, Matahariku 1992, Biarlah Aku Mengalah 1993, Tinggalah Aku Sendiri 1994, Biarkan Cintamu Berlalu 1994, Sandiwara Cinta 1995, etc.

Early life

Born Raden Rara Nike Ratnadilla on December 27, 1975, in Bandung, her parents were of Ciamis and Bandung stock and her father’s PJKA career meant the family moved quite a bit during her childhood. They eventually settled in Bandung, West Java, where Ardilla began performing in talent shows at the age of 5, with considerable success. She appeared on Lagu Pilihanku TVRI in 1980 (she became the 1st Champion) and in 1986 joined the cast of the film Kasmaran, which also included Ida Iasha, and Slamet Rahardjo. Ardilla played Ida Iasha's daughter.

In 1988 Ardilla starred in the movie Kabayan Saba Kota, when she recorded the single for the movie soundtrack and also appeared in the movie as a singer. Ardilla was asked to make a cameo appearance by Harry Roesly. Before the film she was on a compilation album in 1987 titled Bandung Rock Power with Nicky Astria, Mel Shandy, etc. Ardilla won Best Model Catwalk in 1988 in the "LA model Contest" in Bandung.

Music career

Deny Sabry helped her to sign a record deal with ARISTA Records. Her debut album titled Seberkas Sinar was released in the summer of 1989, and with teen-oriented pop-rock all the rage, the lead single “Seberkas Sinar” shot to the top of the charts for 10 weeks; the album also hit number one on its way to sales of over 500,000 copies in Indonesia alone.

The follow-up, “Bintang Kehidupan,” was the first number one album of the year in 1990 and Ardilla consolidated her near-instant stardom by performing at the Istana Merdeka appearing with Vina Panduwinata in the Independence Day Party and the concert in Lapangan Merdeka Malaysia, and winning a BASF Award for Best New Artist, and Best Selling Album in 1990 with sales over 2 million in Indonesia alone beating Anggun, Nicky Astria, and Iwan Fals. Further greater album sales followed when “Nyalakan Api“ won the BASF Award for best selling album in 1991 with sales over 2 million and her 4th album, “Matahariku.” In 1992 was failed to the chart, seeking a place in that year’s Film boom. Ardilla's Grandfather was an early movie star in Indonesia in 1940 called Loetung Kasarung, co-star in Ricky Nakalnya Anak Muda 1990 duet with Ryan HIdayat made this movie booming around Indonesia and became a box office hit. In the spring of 1991, Ardilla was featured — along with Dessy Ratnasari on ” Olga Sepatu Roda “, and with Ryan Hidayat : Lupus V “, and also on drama romantic movie ” cinta Anak Muda “.Ardilla was by now a fixture at music industry awards shows; as she enjoyed her celebrity,Ardila received Awards Gadis Sampul 1990 automatically it is made Ardilla as a Singer, Actrees,and also Model in the same time. When she famous goes like rocket her next studio album in fall 1993. Biarlah Aku Mengalah, which appeared in October on Music Plus, was quickly criticized for its adult yet confident approach.,and sales ran into 1.3 million copies alone in Indonesia and 3 million south east Asia, it’s mean she accepted award for best selling album at BASF Award 1993. Meanwhile she wait for next album Ardilla released best of the best Nike Ardilla with the smash-hits single Tinggal lah aku Sendiri, Ardilla Move from Billboar Record ( now EMI ) to Musica Studio’s. For the 1994 Biarkan Cintamu Berlalu, which debuted at number one on the top-chart. The album sales 1.7 million copies alone in Indonesia and made her accepted award best selling album HDX award 1994 the album was dominated music industry period 1994, the last album Sandiwara Cinta released on 1 March 1995, the single first airing on radion in late February the first version of sandiwara cinta video began airing on TV in late February 1995 she also made second version of this video ten days before she pass away directed by rizal mantovany the shooting video was unfinished because nike should be finished this video in 21 March but she died at car acciden in 19 March. 40 days after death of nike the second video version was released, it become huge succes the video featured nike in very like Marilyn Monroe her idol and this album made a history sales over 5 million alone in Indonesia and 10 million copies in South Pasific and accepted HDX award best selling album of the years, best single Deru Debu, Best Video Klip MTV Indonesia. Nike Ardilla died in March 19, 1995 by car accident. Even she died but until now her name still famous in Indonesia she become Indonesian music legend, because her popularity was soared even she died


Nike died in a car accident in Bandung on Sunday morning, March 1995, at approximately 05.30 am local time.

On the day before the accident, she met with some friends from ANEKA-YES, a popular teenage magazine, at 23.30 pm in Jayakarta Hotel Bandung to discuss the agenda for the election of cover girl and cover boy which would be held on the next day since she would become the guest star in the particular event. After the meeting she and her manager, Sofiatun, came to a night club called Pollo Club in Jl. Asia Africa at 00.30 am local time to meet with other friends. At 03.30 am, they left Pollo Club and later come to Kintamani restaurant, at 04.30 am she left the restaurant and then accompanied her friend to a hotel. She and Sofiatun left the hotel at 05.15 am to head home. She was the one behind the wheel however her car, Honda Genio D27K, was felt unstable at times. After overtaken a red car in front of her, Nike lost control and hit the fence of the wall in JL. Remartadinata Bandung. Nike dies instantly due to the serious head trauma. There were issues circulated that she was drunk or had been taking drugs at that time, but these false accusations were later denied by her family.

Thousands of fans, friends along with family came to her funeral in Bandung. Nike is buried in Ciamis, West Java on the same day whilst family, friends, fans and reporters from various televisions, radio and magazines sources gathered and mourned her death. It was reported that flow of devoted fans still come into her house until a month after her death.
[edit] Pop culture

Even she died but until now her name still famous in Indonesia she become Indonesian music legend, because her popularity was soared even she died. every year her million fans who had joined in NIKE ARDILLA FANSCLUB commemorate her death by visiting the grave and the nike ardilla museum. The lot of Indonesian media called her as "THE LEGENDARY ROCKQUEEN" or the legend of slowrock music, her fanclubs still exist since 1990, The publication of the Nike Ardilla stamp by two Russian states Abkasia and Tauva in 1996 (the stamp of the world artist among them Michael Jackson, Madonna, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley) and The appreciation from PT.POS Indonesia with the publication of the postcard and the commemorative envelope a Nike Ardilla death year in the exhibition of youth philately a world in 1996. The sale of the "Sandiwara Cinta" Album in 1995 penetrated the figure 3 million copies 900,000 copies in only 3 months. That was very fantastic for a solo singer in Indonesia. She also released album "MAMA AKU INGIN PULANG" in 1995, two months after her death which huge success despite there is only one new single, Nike recorded this song in 1993 but the song never appears in her previous album where Nike released when she still alive, in 1996 Nike released "SUARA HATI" in fact this album would be released in 1994, but Nike too busy that year where has released two albums "BIARKAN CINTAMU BERLALU" and "DURI TERLINDUNG"(for Malaysian market only) and "suara hati" album receive multiplatinum and has sold over 1 million. She also released more singles after she died like "CINTA DIANTARA KITA"(1996) a remake from her previous song "selamat jalan duka", "panggung sandiwara", copies PT. Telkomsel published the Telepon Card illustrated Nike Ardilla 2000. In 2009 musicas studios released Nike Ardilla ringbacktone album for ringbacktone sale.


Last night i went to a HERO AND VILLAIN event... well i came as THE JOKER... any resemblance? hahah... well, not quite... but i reckon it was a good effort ya!! :)