Saturday, June 4, 2016

Its been ages as always whenever I write in here. Anyhow, I mean no harm when I wrote in here, its just how I felt about certain things, it can be situational only.
I made a road trip recently joined by two person. Just name then A and B. I knew what I was expecting but well, just go.
With A, A's antique, I was expecting it but what amazed me how A could be so bigheaded and yet so stupid. Acted like hell. I knew of A's impulsivity as the whole journey was like hell with A shouting and like yelling 'overtake', 'why so slow', 'damn it its green, go la, why slow' etc. I learned how to ignore it.. phew. And A's selfishness again amazed me. Again like always, I have no idea how A always feel that A should get the best, like the biggest room. What made A the boss, no one knew. A had no sense of compromise as always. This is not the first time, it happened many times before, in kl, in manila etc. And yet A had no sense that if A wants the biggest room, A should pay more. On this occasion, its a two bedrooms. A took one and expected me and B to share, so by right A should pay 50% of the rental for the accommodation as A got the biggest room, it is 3 times size the smaller room and en suite. The second room has no toilet even. How selfish?! And how A is so slow in everything. And yet acted to superior. Few times she was left alone! Hahaha... And A missed the dinner where I was paying as treating for my birthday! hahaha. one more things, we had petty cash for fuel and only when I asked after the trip to divide the money then A was like okay. Despite that initially A refused as A thought A would get all the money as payment from B for the hotel. I had to explain no... its like hotel plus car total is $600 so $200 each person and then there was balance as we didn't buy fuel many time, only one time. And money for fuel was like rm586 where we only spent rm80 and rm6 for parking. But A had less and insisted that didn't use the money. Apparently later A stated that one time A bought drinks and that from the petty cash. It was not clarified or justified. only rm15. And yet at the start of the journey, I bought drinks cost like bnd$15 and also bake culture almost bnd$20 and B bought some food bnd$10. And all A did was buying fuel bnd$15 (which A wanted to claim where I intercepted saying as me and B bought foods and drinks, its cancel out where food and drinks were like bnd$45) and also when returning the money from the fuel, A reluctant and claimed bought few drinks in trip that should be claimed from petty cash (rm15). All A see is A's doing and would not see what others do. First day breakfast, A did not pay her breakfast, entrance fee for some places I paid for A, and A's drink at Hard Rock (was rm80 but A paid only rm20) and yet A wanted to 'shout' that A bought drinks which was two can of latte and one can of mocha which A drank two can and I only had a can (maybe just less than rm5).  ... many things but I am so lazy to say here... but I will just say one secret here. I am not stupid. As previously I learned my lesson, actually whole hotel and car cost like bnd$650 and the hotel we paid using A's card (another lesson I learned that prefer to use other cards as if use mine it is hard to get my money back but with me I will pay). Anyhow, B joined us late so I requested that B contributed bnd$200 for hotel and car. Its B's fault as I did say please let us know early as I need to arrange hotel, it was too late as B only informed joining like 4 days before the trip. And no way B could afford another place. Okay the secret is that by right I was supposed to pay bnd225 to A as half of the payment for the hotel. But as I could predict that A would take the biggest room and wont compromise so what I did was I didn't pay bnd225. Few weeks ago, we made a trip to Miri, where I paid A's hotel bnd100 and ticket to a concert bnd20 so meaning I have paid bnd120 and yet to pay bnd105. I let it be as logically as A took the biggest room (3 size small room and also own toilet, by right pay more while expected me and B to share a small suffocated room). So the way I see it.. A should pay more than half... we were kind enough already... so like A ended up paying bnd330, B paid bnd200 and I paid bnd120. I sounded bad but hye, I drove and did all on my own where A and B were so useless. The whole journey and even from 1 to 10 what to do, all plan by me where A and B did not use their brains at least. At one occasion, I was driving, heavy rain and also looking at map, A expected me to take our selfie in the car as A did not want to look fat in the picture! What the hell! And like at the end, money balance was like bnd50 so it seemed overall for hotel and car, A paid bnd280, B paid bnd150 and I paid bnd70. Not too bad at all ya the turnout. I deserved some less pay for all my hardwork!! And served A right. I wont do this if A is more considerate! I know we were using A's car but did not make A the boss.
With B, its the same old. I now know how to ignore B's antique. The only shocking I realized is how B did not bother having a lot of cash at least to pay entrance fees etc, food and drinks. or at least use brain to allocate which money to pay using card. And B's math must be poor that B miscalculated as at one point the card was not honored to be used which I knew it meant no more money! One occasion, B had ran out of cash and still we had few things to do such as big dinner, karaoke and shop. No way I am lending money as before. I am not the same as before. While this happened such as when I insisted that she withdraw, A was like giving 'what the hell look' and selfishly like 'go ahead I don't care and see you in a bit, I want to shop'. I am not that bad as a person. I am reliable hence when this happened I was like okay do this and that. Damn I am tired at times being the responsible one. And so I did find ATM for B so B could withdraw. Even that I was like why only took out little money as I knew B wanted to shop and few more things to do that needs cash. I was like hell no depending on me. Like the dinner I did say the place is expensive! and like when the bill came it was more than rm200 (for two as A bailed out) and like B claimed only to have less than rm50, lucky I was like its find, my treat for my birthday! But like how on earth would you go to places and no $$. And also when B's card was declined I was like well sorry no sympathy as you should have used your brain and budgeted yourselves. It made me wonder as B went to Melbourne alone recently and it was far more expensive and also B flight had to be delayed a day where it incur more money and B had no problem. I am like thinking now maybe as I am around then B had no $$$. If B could be clever while travelling alone then why at this trip where previously yes... B would depended on me for $$$. Sighs it is hard at times being me.
It is tiring, hence maybe in future I just travel alone. But I must say, of all, Bazi is the best person to travel with. Hassle free, stress free... damn she is getting married hence it would limit our travel days together... ahhaha... I will show this to her! hahahahah.... okay then till later! 

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Its 2016 and as always in February I always travel... this time I went to Loas, Vietnam and As always KL. It was overall good and I ended up in KL for V day... I though by having someone special now will definitely make my v day a memorable one. I was death wrong.
It made me wonder like do I not deserve happiness? I feel I am destined to be on my own. I give to ppl but I never get back, always one sided effort. I am giving up now... the only person I should love is myself.
Anyhow apart from that nothing much really...