Monday, July 30, 2012

A good friend of mine.. well the best actually... kept singing this song to me... I understand... tnxs a lot! Love u... It's a song by Aishah, a classic song from 1992....

Kau Sahabat, Kekasih Dan Teman

"Ku harapkan sinar purnama hingga ke siang
Ku harapkan mimpi-mimpi bukan khayalan
Telah aku jelajahi seluruh benua
Mencari pengertian hidup yang sementara
Manusia beranika ragan dan rupa
Ada yang jujur dan ramai berpura-pura
Ku sangka dalam ilmu dan pengetahuan ku
Tapi ada waktu ku terkeliru
Ku dambakan bukan sekadar yang dinamakan
Kekasih yang menemani ke sana sini
Ku dambakan sahabat dan teman setia
Rela bersama suka dan duka
Jadilah kau sahabat ku, kekasih dan teman
Hanya itu yang ku harapkan
Dalam susah dalam senang kita seiringan
Semoga ikatan berkekalan"
At times, i do put provocative things on my FB.. to see ppl's reaction and from there, i can learn more. Sorry it is just me.. very analytical... for sure thing i observed, ppl that we tend to help a lot, would be the last to help us... and they are the first to condemn or run away... they are not true friends.... i know i categorise some....
And well i do not want to be negative... F is here with me. I should be happy but like leaving in less than a week. Leaving me again... oh my.... the only truly people i ever love... til now is you F... and of course... you Dianne.... maybe i am moody as i know i will be alone again after few days... only few ppl can make me complete and you are one of them F.... hence you can understand why i am nervous and a bit moody now... but like you said we should enjoy our time together.... at times i wish i am the girl where i could drop all here and follow you hahaha.... but i am the guy! it is not that simple! But i salute you for being so understandable... and thus y i love you!
On the other note... D is giving birth soon... i can wait for ZARA....

Sunday, July 29, 2012

I like this picture... wow... i am really thinking something ya... of course... it is you my love... who else! :)
A visit by F yesterday was really wow... it really taken me by surprise... a pleasant surprise... and well you are only here for a week... well more than enough for me... i wish i can show the world u!.. U & Me but i respect you decision... And yay... my week will be more meaningful.... you without fail make me so high and high.... I will love u endlessly.... but u know us hahahaha....
Anyhow sorry AR not that i am not contacting, at times, it would be nice if you make the effort saying the first HI... afterall we are just friend... my principle... if it is always me... i get tired and at times i asked in what way are we friend even... Sorry....
And for my X... good luck... although to be honest, i would prefer you go UK for study... maybe not now... but i still hope that you would get the UK scholarship....
Today i had iftar at Fratini.. with the Poker Gang... Liyan, Muna, Arturo, Jau, Ziah, Lim, Dayat, Alia, Hadi and Ajy... It was fun!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Now the food that we had at Silla Korean Restaurant....


I heard of this korean restaurant for some time... and only today i had the opportunity to go for breaking fast there... Impressed with the place and food but they need improvement in terms of serving. Quite slow and their english is poor, where we had to repeat and ask many times. And to get room, it is charged. They need to do something to be in the limelight as today seriously not many people. Buffet at $12 can be considered as cheap and yet poor reception.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

First picture was taken in late 2009 when Fazurina came to visit... and the second & Third pictures are how she is now. She 'berhijrah' ... bless her!

For certain times, i feel Ishajaya is really annoying. Like all these time, i dont care and i asked my staffs to handle it and still emailing me and harrasing me... should ask and harass the right person.... anyhow again emails... instructing and what they want is annoying... my appoinment for them to see hello confidential! Stupid... and like call my kerani yo.... not my job... i see patients.... and like using words FYI... annoying... thats not officials... FYI me... fuck you la!
And i put it on my FB and Ian commented... and i thought what he wrote was offensive. At times Ian do comment in bad ways... this is not the first... and so i wrote in the line similar to the way he acted while receiving referrals... so this is the same... i dont like this... so be it... my way... and i expressed about i overheard how he tore a referral as i heard it from Head of Radiographer to Assistant CEO.... and well... i dont care after that.... its my FB so be it... dont like it dont follow! And for me Fasting month is still same to me... cant tolerate any incompetency! and that stupid nurse had the gut to comment... just shut up!
Earlier the day... we had a talk... I asked the student attachment to do a talk... It was Shiling's turn and she gave us a talk on Ritalin and its Psychopharmacology module and i thought it was brilliant!

I cant help to think...if things were okay with us... this may be our 1st yr anniversary as we met during fasting month last year... well at times things just dont work they way we wanted them to... anyhow.. wish you all the best....
Today first time for this ramadhan, i went out to have breaking fast with two of my colleagues. We went to Nur Wanita... we didnt do the buffet but ala carte as we were not big eater... some pictures :)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Yes my Series 6 almost complete... i only need one more!! Damn hahaha and now no stock for series 6 in Brunei... ermm... Ebay? hahaha....Series 3,4,5 & 7 are completed!

With This Roman Soldier... My Series 6 would be completed!