Sunday, July 19, 2009


This is one song by Ayushita... a song from a movie KETIKA CINTA BERTASBIH... cant wait to watch this movie...

'Walau aku senyum bukan berarti/ Aku selalu bahagia dalam hari
Ada yang tak ada di hati ini/ di jiwa ini
Ku bertemu sang adam di simpang hidupku
Mungkin akan ada cerita cinta
Namun ada saja cobaan hidup
Seakan aku hinaTuhan berikanlah aku cinta
Untuk temaniku dalam sepi
Tangkap aku dalam terangMu
Biarkan lah aku punya cinta
Tuhan berikanlah aku cinta
Aku juga berhak bahagia
Berikan restu dan halal
MuTuhan beri aku cinta…"

JUst night out...

As some malaysian artists are around... so i took my friends to my Aunt's house when we had tis ambuyat gathering.... just some pic not much.....


Today, We tot of spending some time with meela.... she always busy and so... well belated birthday actually.... so just us, Me, Haslin, Meela and Jun... ANyhow Happy Belated Birthday Meela!!!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Just a get together as it Syikin's bday... my cousin.... and well some artists from Malaysia were around and so just get together... here some pics....

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I am at home today as i have decided to have a day rest. I was feeling not well, headache n a bit feverish, and as precaution, i think i need to stay at home. I am feeling slightly better now but i do need the rest. Anyhow, what i wanna let out here not about my sickness but the reception i got from two people in my life, ya... H and A. A very attentive and very concerned... while H expressed the care but thats it, even asked me to go out while i wasnt that well last night. And even today, got nothing, no msg or anything while A, messages me and called me to ask how i was doing. It is a dilemma i know... i know i got feeling of love from H but i do need A.... i am greedy i know. Wat to do ya.... i think i will see where this will go and see the flow... i know H loves me but at times H doesnt know how to 'jaga' my hati... while A always put my feeling first... hmm... anyhow, i better rest!!

Friday, July 3, 2009


This song by Yuni Shara, it is a nice song and good lyrics... enjoy....

"Sepi hati terjadi lagi
Mungkin sampai mati aku sepi
Biar senyum hadir di hariku
Namun ini hanya ada di bibir
Di bibir saja
Aku ini yang bisa mengerti
Walaupun yang lain mau mengerti
Namun berat beban di hidupku
Biarkan saja biar sajaHanya ku yang tahu
Sejarah cinta dan hidupku
Penuh duri dan banyak ranjau
Butuh kesabaran yang penuh
Untuk tetap kuberdiri
Oh! ada saatnya kubicara
Bila hatiku t'lah bulat
Sepanjang ku bisa atasi semua
Aku tetap diam"


Hey, this is wat i took from a fren, PEMERHATI SETIA....
I think i have trust issues.... as well mostly before ppl tend to betray me or just look for me when in needs..... anyhow... i think for relationship i think i am hard to trust, i know i shouldnt based on my past experience... i know for certain i am with H now... but why do i find it hard to trust completely, up and down... and well i am always negative.... i know i shouldnt be... and well... am i attracted to A? am i hmmm fond of A... i know we talked and came to conclusion we are going to be friend as i have H, have to respect that... but i cant seem to let go of A.... despite keep insisting we are fren.... anyhow... mayb its the flu! Anyhow i know i have many thing to think about more serious than this.... ya... and well with the increase of H1N1 and one death here..... it is going to be more work.... ok i will stop here......