Sunday, October 21, 2012

Yesterday i wrote an email to Dr Fatima about my involvement with the AD study. I felt that i am no longer into it. And she kept asking me to do works that beyond the jurisdiction and hence i asked for terms of reference for the job. As i do not think checking master student proposal and application for the study is part of it while she is the supervisor. And like there is no formal letter written to my DGMS about this involvement. I talked to Dr Wadi as well as my CEO about it. And i been adviced to get a formal written letter and approval from MOH for my involvement while must put my priority with MOH above all. And i do have plan to do my further study!
These are my poker related things... got some more but these are the one i keep nicely! :)

Hey... i got this...a gift from Singapore.... well i got two gifts...and one is a poker charm and another one is Jelly joiners! Nice! Tnxs Love!


Friday, October 19, 2012

I came across this article entitled "LAGU JACKLYN VICTOR TIMBULKAN SENSITIVI PEMINAT BERAGAMA ISLAM" and these are the article:
Jaclyn Victor atau nama sebenarnya Jaclyn Joshua Thanaraj Victor merupakan panyanyi yang jarang dihamabat oleh kontroversi. Akan tetapi menerusi laporan Berita Harian hari ini, nama penyanyi ini telah dikaitkan dengan isu kononnya klip video lagu ‘Harapan Bangsa’ yang dinyanyikan olehnya telah menyentuh sensitiviti peminat yang beragama Islam.Jaclyn Victor atau lebih mesra dipanggil Jac telah menegaskan bahawa, sebagai salah sebuah negara yang mengamalkan kebebasan beragama, isu lagu ‘Harapan Bangsa’ tidak perlu dipertikaikan. Ini kerana, dia hanya menjalankan tanggungjawab sebagai seorang penganut Kristian dengan menyanyikan lagu berkenaan.
“Lagu itu saya rakam sekitar 2007 khusus untuk penganut agama Kristian di Sabah dan Sarawak serta pihak gereja. Ia dicipta oleh seorang paderi dengan mesej keamanan Malaysia. Sebagai seorang penganut kristian, rasanya tidak salah jika saya yang beragama Kristian menyanyikan lagu itu.”
“Lagipun, ia bukan untuk tujuan komersial. Jadi mengapa perlu mempertikaikan lagu yang sudah lama dirakamkan itu?” soalnya yang cukup popular menerusi lagu Gemilang.
Penyanyi bersuara lantang ini turut menjelaskan bahawa, lagu tersebut dirakam dalam versi Bahasa Melayu kerana kebanyakan penganut Kristian di Sabah dan Sarawak bertutur dalam Bahasa Melayu. Jadi tidak ada isu untuk memboikot lagu tersebut.
Tambah Jaclyn lagi, sebagai seorang warga Malaysia dan juga mempunyai ramai kawan beragaam Islam. Dia masih mempunyai perasaan hormat terhadap agama tersebut dan masih tahu kepercayaan serta amalan yang dilakukan.
For me... i italic some part as like does language indicate your religion? So like Muslim's language are Malay?.. So If i speak in English... does it mean i am not Muslim? so May i say... Songs sang by Maher Zain (In English btw) would raise sensitivity among his Christian Fans? So i must say this article is really indeed stupid!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Look at the different cakes i had.... hehehe...
Today i really feel tired where i feel that i am so tired and do not know who to turn to. I mean i am getting tired getting referrals from doctors that have no clinical psyc elemement in it. Like when a patient not please with the hospital service, no happy that no clarifications given etc... meaning breakdown of communication etc.... why do i have to be the bigger person.... or maybe counselor can deal with that not us! Sigh!
This is just a thought.... Earlier yesterday i surprised Danny with a cake for his bday... same like what i did to Ziah... and later the night on FB i saw his gf did the same. But make me wonder the resemblance is so uncanny! Copycat?! hehehe....The first two i did for Ziah and Danny and 3rd was from his gf... You see i cant help thinking... Just a wonder... the one i did for Danny was for lunch and the 3rd the same day just at night... hehehe....


I really have no idea why lately i tot of J... and the idea of it make me sad and at times made me cried again. I dont know why. I just hope J is doing fine. Really i am not liking the idea of thinking back and feel so upset about it!... erm... sigh..... And today received a letter from Muizzah stating that she would come back to work and report duty.  
Today we had this Majlis ilmu in KB. Wanted to go Nanyang but it was close. Phew! Anyhow... Majlis ilmu was lame to the max... and i wonder it will last for 3 days!! No one turned up to visit!! And well... we did things to kill the boredom!! Anyhow... Some pixs!!


Monday, October 15, 2012

I dont know today. I kept thinking of my exes. Well not all... I tot of my J and my I. J cuz i was watching this vietnamese love story movie and well i could not help to miss J. Really do and oh my god... it was in Saigon the movie i mean... really made me cried thinking of J. Sorry Syg it doesnot mean you are not enough but J will always be in my heart no matter what. While I... i was cleaning my closet and came across some staffs that you gave me. It made me think and a bit sad that things did not work between us. I know you told me i am your only one and wanted me to give you a second chance but i just cant. The thing is that when you left me, it did hurt me. I was down. And to think about going down that lane again... i must be selfish and i dont want to be hurt again. I am done being hurt!
And tnxs syg for always believe in me and i am happy the way we are. Not that i dont want that big of committment but like i am with you truly now.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Hi... Today was really slow. I did come late to work. Managed to do some reports and then i did go to the wards to review patients... And well one of our patients passed away. A young girl only 16. And then we went lunch and after lunch went to NCC.. and then back to RIPAS... En route we stopped at one shop even and back RIPAS. Discussed few cases and did reports. And still not end of work time yet!! Hehehe....

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Well... my love made me this while i was sakit. I did my ESWL.... and so lovely dont you think... like i said i am caweerrr by this person.... i hope this will last.......

Okay like i said ... i want to bitch about this person... whom in public parading some religious says etc and in a loving relationship with his gf. But also at the same time... still unable to fight his demon. By all mean... we are supportive but if you are wrong... i cant say you are right. This person is obviously gay.... i am not to judge but this is just my opinion and some share my opinion. I am not sure what path (although it is the right one) is right. If this girl is the right one, you would abandon all...and wont look for others. I know you said you trust me but still. I cant help to think. You will hurt this girl eventually. Like comeon... you are having sex with guy behind her back and now saying you are seeing this VIP married man (if know... would go tabloid???)... and yet talking about engagement to your gf.... seriouly... very very incoherent. You may be okay with this... and the married man is ok as he is exactly like you... but your future fiancee/gf... and sorry to say this girl needs to be slapped to realise... the typical girl whom never had any bf before hence holding on to whataver she can... pity her.... have some pride woman! Well... this is just my opinion... as i am supposed to keep this a secret... hence only here i can say something about it.... and if i say to your face with your ego and ur attitude nothing can get through to your head.
I know during one of my previous posts i said i dont want to comment about this person but hell man.... I really dont know how this person thinks. One day very happy and another day upset. When i first know this person... some asked whether something is wrong with her. I cant deny but i am not to judge... she is a friend but lately i cant help to analyse. What Rek told me or asked me before... i cant help to think it is true. BPD..... I cant help. One example: One day saying how she cried her eyes out as love of her life (Audi?? seriously) met someone. And the next day saying how this friend of hers (i never heard of before... name Danial) called her all the way from German (?not even sure i got the country right as i wasnt listening well) and how pathetic like oh he is worried i am muslim and i didnt layan as i know what you going to say... The dude is into you and wanting to marry you (duh... sound familiar... Micheal??). And one moment excited about JPKE and then talking about running away from Brunei wanting to be in Jakarta. How would you settle your matter with JPKE if you wanna go Jakarta... and like doing this thing in Singapore... and yet no plan about the implication. One moment saying how parent got $$$ money and then went Spore where your dad had to loan from your uncle?
And how HK thing KL thing... btw if Audi was the love of your life whom live in KL... you wont hesitate to go KL and jump to the opportunity to meet someone that you deeply in love with.
Sorry i think people know whom i am talking about. I did celebrate your bday and with all the shit you said happening... it meant nothing. Anyhow... i dont know... and the shit on your FB with your cousins... just immature... you said about your cousin but for me both of you are the same... well what to say... both of you share the same blood... same dumbness! Okay enough about you as i want to bitch about someone else hahahahaha 
And my ex... I kept asking and telling me how cant stop thinking about me. Sorry this is my answer... NO... i wont go down that lane anymore.... as i met someone. May not be the best but erm... i am happy. Very happy til the bit i dont need anyone else. I love this person. I may share this person but hell i am happy... and i been pampered etc. So thats it... I love this person... and this person love me... and this person makes me happy and i would do my hell to make this person happy!
Okay about AR... it went downhill. Just suddenly no watsapp... hard to get even a reply... many messages and only to be replied with a line... all over Q again. Had enough. Not even worth anyhow... and when i know someone is like inboxing with AR... a friend. It is so turn me off.... So it is over.. Funny i didnt feel a thing. Must be nothing... like Najwa Latif said... KOSONG!
On a bright note.. i went to Miri after a bit of fiasco with Christina for cancelling last minute. Hey it must go on. So i went and i did enjoy myself. Some pictures and i dont care.

I know last i wrote in here was like months ago... like after raya... it was just the mood to write wasnot there. Raya was lame this year. I mean i know it is not to say like that but it was the truth and i should have gone somewhere. This is what i intend to do next year. Work is filling up and i seem unable to satisfy my needs or desire for work. I am always frustrated but i need to keep all to myself. My work quality seriously has gone down this year. I must thank my poker gang or else i dont know what keep me going on. I cant seem to trust anyone. And well Christina... i know not the best there is but at least.