Sunday, November 30, 2008


I just came back from helping Rai and Euan moving some stuffs for Alvin. It is for storage, it was good that we managed to do all within one trip with two cars. I remember from Blackforest to Highgate before it took about 3 - 4 trips. It is good that Alvin has us to help him as honestly it is not that convenient to ask people especially when it involves lifting up and move here and there. Cant blame him too as he went back abruptly due to emergency. He has lot of things! luckily he choose the bigger place to store. I still think it would be great for him just to rent his current place for summer and once he is back he doesnt have to look for place. But it is his choice, we cant decide for him. And i think he wanna save money too. But Alvin, next time maybe save some money from the work etc for things like this. It is convenient and no headache dude!! Well, maybe it is just me, i chose convenient first hahaha..... it reminded me back when back in Leeds, after the first year, during summer as i stayed longer that people asked me to move their things for them. Just funny, initially, wasnt just me agreed to it and i wouldnt have agreed if it was only me as someone else agreed to assist too as that person stayed for summer as well. But came the time, the person only had specific time to help and god, even that only to move that person's stuffs and in between the person asked whether could moved the person's friend stuffs as well which was not in in the initial plan. Just imagine, the person only free like late afternoon, i wouldnt want to waste time as i rented the car to do the moving. so i started early and moved on my own (with help from my housemate then, Cikgu Selamat) and i moved all things... moved for Ida, Sofiana, Liza and my own thing... thats four person and including Cikgu Selamat stuffs. Take things from basement, it was hard work. And afternoon only to move the person stuffs and i remember when i was a bit upset once after summer where everyone was like thanking the person for moving the stuffs... i remember i was really "jauh hati" and refused any gathering as they planned something before the uni commenced, i kinda "run away" to Liverpool! hahaha... kira merajuk la... i mean come on... i did most of the work and the person got credit too! and like even more than what people gave me. I kept quiet about it and i think the only person that knew was Ida, as i confessed to her why i was away! and sweet her, she made it up to me... we went out for lunch or dinner i think hehehe.... thats old story, am matured now and we all still friend to this day. You know, life is up and down, we cry and we laugh together. Just that it came back to me just now hahaha.... well you know memories. Oh i kinda miss kak Incan too.... as we had so much fun back in Ireland at Eagle Valley, Wilton! hahaha.... all memories!! anyhow... till later!!!
Me and the ladies....
It has been a while that we go to Red Square and since all exams over, Euan organised one for last night. I went with Kieu early as it was saturday and will be pack and long queue. Once there, we bumped into Laurane, Conie and co. Havent seen them ages as well! so it was a good coincidence! And since Euan came late so we hang out with them. We kinda crashed their ladies night!!

Me with my two fav girls... Laurane and Conie!

The two psychos... i mean clinical psychologist!! hahaha Me and Kieu....

Yes, eventually, Euan arrived... actually, saw Belinda, Liones, and Elaine first... they came earlier..... and then Kughan and gf were there too.....

Hmmm... i like this pic... looked like a poster with Belinda like a boss!
I met Micheal too... it has been a long time since i last met him at Malaysian carnival. He is not malaysian, he is pinoy... Known him earlier this year at Red Square!

Just a pic with Belinda and Elaine

Few things happened... first while Kieu and i were outside, we were approached by two english guys whom introduced and joined our table, one is Andrew and one is Nick. Nick informed he was from Uk and i was like excited and said i was in Yorkshire before... n so we chatted but Kieu had to talk to Andrew and he had like some problem, relationship thing and it was weird that he opened up hahaha... we were like... we r just clubbing here, we dont need to counsel anyone!! hahaha.... and when Kieu gave me signal and pinch me, it was a cue that i had to make and excuse ourselves.... hahaha
And secondly, when we were inside, we were sitting down... this one english lady came to me, and said "Can i take picture with you?" and i was like... i was shocked... and like i was blur and just nodded and then she took our pic, me and her... Laurane even asked who was that and i was like "don't know!" and Kieu said i should be flattered! ahahha but i was scared too... i didnt think who know she used it for wrong reason!! like make a naked pic of me! hahaha.... i just hope not! well... it was flattering though that people come to you and asked to take pic with you.... hhahaah... anyhow i better stop here and catch up with you all later.... see ya! Have a good day!!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

As you all know i live alone... and just wanna show you all my companions! hahaha... its my "conie" the yellow one and "mr lansi" Doreamon! Arent they look nice and sweet together?! hahaha.... This is what you do when you are bored!! And i am so looking forward for tonight!! See ya!!
I had dinner with Dixson, Rai, Euan, Preity, Belinda and Natalie at Gouger. It was in conjunction with everyone finishing exams and well, Dixson is off to Singapore for summer. And it would mark the last dinner as i am leaving as well and once he is back here next year i should be back home already.
The dinner was good and we thought why not we played Monopoly. Last we played was a month or so ago... i lost badly! haha.... and it was won by Belinda. And well, the end of it.. had to say goodbye to Dixson... i hugged him and i did feel upset as well... another leaving... As Dixson has been a good person and since he came to Adelaide, i remember i took him around to show him city and CM. And things been good.
And for me... leaving again... Ireland, UK and now Oz.... come and go... people come n go in my life... will keep in touch... and i heard Rekaya and Bob are coming to Singapore for a reunion with the Adelaide people there... who knows i can join, although doubtful as i am back to work then and it is just not that appropriate to have leave that soon. Maybe in near future... and i know this year especially i been so close with Kieu, she would be one that i will find to leave as well.... we have bonded so well.... oh well... it is just another episode of the walk of my life..... hmmm.....
anyhow... it is late now... sleep till later!


"Lama sudah aku merasa
kau tak pernah menyimpan cinta
pada diriku
pedih hatiku ini
selalu ku coba menutup mata
berharap nanti kau beri hati
namun ternyata tak jua sirna
cintamu padanya tetap kau juga
bertepuklah sebelah tangan
cintaku ini pada dirimu
sakitnya hati saat bersaksi
melihatmu lagi bersamanya
aku beranjak dari hidupmu
dari masalah, dari belenggu
telah kau sakiti,
kau khianati
semua mimpi, mimpi indahku
aku menyerah untuk mencinta
ajari aku melupakanmu
kini kusadari di dalam sepi
meski ku pedih cinta tak ada lagi
cinta tak ada lagi, cinta tak ada lagi
cinta tak ada lagi
selalu ku coba menutup mata
berharap nanti kau beri hati
namun ternyata tak jua sirna
cintamu padanya tetap kau juga
...menatapmu di kejauhan cinta
...cinta tak ada lagi"

Thursday, November 27, 2008

A game called "SPOON"

I had dinner with Euan, Syubb, kieu and Thy. Went to Taipei, a big mistake... i thought maybe i gave it a second chance... my god... that would be the last!!!! not good.... i saw Ryan there.... he works there.... i almost did not recognise him... cant blame me... i only met him once at Andrew's place.... and we had the dinner as Syubb is flying home tomorrow... and comes to think of it... he wanted it as like i am leaving as well... and would be the last that we would have eat together here in Adelaide... thats a nice gesture and it was to compensate as i couldnt make it last night... and will have dinner with Dixson and gang as well on friday as farewell thing... so nice.... this is what i called as good people!!... and they make the effort too! hehee..... will definitely keep in touch... only with those that are worth!
anyhow... after the dinner we went to Casual Cup and had some dessert. And play the game "SPOON"... i cant explain here... but we used "FORK" today hahaha.... and the tag line was "YOU GOT FORKED!!" hahaha.....
I just finished doing my amendment for my thesis and will have kieu have a look at it tomorrow and i be okay for my friday meeting with Kurt....
Anyhow... i better sleep soon... and Good luck Jason for exam! Hope will be fine... hmmm i dont see D online today... she been tired lately... i think she needs break big time!!! Cheri misses you!!

This is a song by Elyana... nice and catchy song... i like... had it i think months ago... and came across it and listened...and not bad...

"Berlegar Burung Di Awan Tinggi
Pulang Ke Sangkar
Berlegar Rindu Di Lautan Kasih
Pulang Ke Pangku
Pangku Mana Satu
Tentulah Tempatnya Asalmu
Mengenal Kasihku
*Hati Bentuk Cinta
Ku Menunggumu
Hati Bentuk Cinta
Hanya Untukmu
Kau Pernah Tinggal Sini
Kau Pernah Buat Janji
Kerana Itulah Ku menanti
Berlegar Kata Di Bibir Yang Manis
Pulang Ke Budi
Berlegar Tangis Di Gelanggang Hiba
Pulang Ke Pangku
Pangku Mana Satu
Tentulah Tempatnya Sisiku
Kau Kenal Dirimu
*Hati Bentuk Cinta
Ku Menunggumu
Hati Bentuk Cinta
Hanya Untukmu
Hati Bentuk Cinta
Ku Kekasihmu
Hati Bentuk Cinta
Kau Ku Rindu"


I know i seldom cry as i am pretty much a happy person overall..... and consider myself as independent and strong.... but at times eventhough i am a guy, there are things that touch my heart and i do have soft-spot... hehe.... anyhow... i wont say i cried but i was" teary" a bit last week when i saw someone unexpectedly... i didnt know it affects me much! i didnt know... whether it was sadness or relieved.... i am yet to know....
But then... D brought back my smile!!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


This is another song by Afgan... like i said before... this guy has a killer album! not killer song!! Nice work dude!!

"Terlalu Sadis Caramu
Menjadikan Diriku
Pelampiasan Cintamu
Agar Dia Kembali Padamu
Tanpa Perduli Sakitnya Aku
Tega Nian Nya Caramu
Menyingkirkan Diriku
Dari Percintaan Ini
Agar Dia Kembali Padamu
Tanpa Perduli Sakitnya Aku
Semoga Tuhan Membalas Semua Yang Terjadi
Kepadaku Suatu Saat Nanti
Hingga Kau Sadari Sesungguhnya Yang Kau Punya
Hanya Aku Tempatmu Kembali
Sebagai Cintamu
Hanya Aku Tempat Mu Kembali
Semoga Tuhan Membalas Semua Yang Terjadi
Kepadaku Suatu Saat Nanti
Hingga Kau Sadari Sesungguhnya Yang Kau Punya
Hanya Aku Tempatmu Kembali
Sebagai Cintamu
Hingga Kau Sadari Sesungguhnya Yang Kau Punya
Hanya Aku Ooo...Sebagai Cintamu"


I rented this movie few days ago and i thought it was interesting. I never know of this movie before and it is about Long houses, Ibans in Sarawak. And Jessica Alba played an iban character called Selima... wow hot!! That is one hot Ibans!

The movie took place in the 1920's where a young British officer (Hugh Dancy) journeys to a remote jungle outpost in Sarawak. He encounters some unusual local customs that is a beautiful young woman is assigned to ostensibly tutor him in the native language, but it becomes clear that she is some kind of army-allotted concubine (this was the part i was like hmm especially when Jessica was saying "i sleep you" hahaha when they were first met and being introduced). When the officer falls in love with the woman, both the military and the local tribe are thrown into turmoil (well not that literally). Well to cut short, they didnt end up together as Hugh was back to England and married. But he was back to Sarawak and as you can predict, they met again and all was reignited. You want to know the story, go and see it yourself! hahaha... but it thought it was nice and decent movie. Hmm let me be careful with the word decent as you can see Jessica's breast (unless it was stand-in, no idea). And that part was so hillarious when she was translating all to Hugh... Hugh was like "Breast" and Jessica was like "susu...susu" moaning! hahaha....

But it was nice movie when you have nothing else to watch i think and in mood of something soapy!
It was a busy day... did my work... not finish.. need more reading. As it been the whole day i think i deserve a break! Met with Parnoon for coffee with Kieu and talked about our registration. We were supposed to have dinner with Euan and Syubb but since i was really need to do my work and helped kieu to finish the resume thing so i had to cancel it! Just not the right time. As well this is more important, me work always first. As we must know what our priorities are. Furthermore, it is good to finish all works and so can enjoy and relax during the weekend.
Anyhow... i better sleep now. D... Cheri off to sleep!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I woke up early today and was at psych school by 9am. Did some printing and ready for my meeting with Kurt. It went almost 2hours... and well, after that, i felt draining and even kurt was like having some back pain for sitting down too long! hahaha...
Back to computer and did some amendment that i could... and now about 2pm... i am so so tired!! i cant do anymore... i think i will head to Rundle... to grab lunch... and will do the work at home later as i need to get it done by friday as i have meeting again and hopefully final and submit monday!! Thats the plan!! okay i really need to get out now!! need air!! and relax as later have meet up with Parnoon and Kieu. Then dinner with Syubb as he is leaving. But i do need to go home early later to do my work!!

A long day...

Monday... few days i was like not please with the way my thesis going. Finally, i got the feedback... so many changes to be made.... and funny how the changes revert back to what i initially wrote and like i made last changes following the instructions given... i will put a stop to this, as i know the more you read the more changes you can make or else it wont finish! I woke up today as i received a sms from Z... saying need to find new house as landlord wants to sell the property... and Z was pissed, who wouldnt... you signed contract... and then this happened! Never mind Z... chill ok i am here with you dear!
Then i read email... And arranged meeting with my supervisor.... for tomorrow. And did go out a bit to get boxes from Pack And Send, and heard story from them about Juraini last year where she went overboard with her stuffs to be shipped back... too much... went over limit to the max ahahaha.....
And then just get some stuffs, out with Kieu... and then back.,.. checked email... confirmed my meeting tomorrow and my supervisor gave me feedback through email in regards to my thesis... i couldnt open the file thus i made a trip to Uni... to get it printed and since 7pm til now about 3am i was working on it. With the changes i mentioned i above. Damn... it is about 70% amend as i need to see him for some of the part as he was not clear and some part which i dont think i want to do as i dont see the point. Well, despite that i felt that i have made the right changes and think it was better than what i submitted before. But i just want it to finish and submit for good!!! We will tomorrow! I think i will make friday as the deadline!!! Bind etc and submit!!!
Okay then i better sleep now as i have early meeting later!! Well, if i can get few hours sleep it would be great!!!!!
And well... i am smiling as I think of D!!! Thanks D....

D... You are so wonderful!

D... to read what you wrote... it makes me so happy. I was jumping in excitement! but i cant help it.... you are just wonderful.. my star... my moon!
U made me so happy!!
Thanks so much again D!!! Mwahz!!!
Love from Cheri!!!!

Monday, November 24, 2008


I just came back from having coffee at a friend’s place. He called me few hours ago and asked me to come along for coffee at his friend’s place as he didn’t want to go alone. I said…"okay, just pick me up as I am lazy to drive!”. “No worry” and so he came and picked me up. I asked “why coffee so late”… it was like 11pm plus… He said just he needed to get some stuffs and may as well go. Fair enough. By the way, my friend is an Indonesian name Vino.
I didn’t know he was going to our friend’s place, I mean I know his friend. It was Edward. Anyhow, at Edward’s place, we had coffee and chat with few of his friends and housemates. One of his friends came with a question and asked me and Ray, as we are Asians, he wanted to know our native language, so we responded it is Bahasa, he thought we are Chinese haha… I said yes as many Chinese around in Australia. He just said that, he has many Asian friends as well. He said no offence it is just that he said most Asians like to converse with each other in their own language. I was like… huh… nope… I mean I am comfy with English. And I asked him why. He observed that Vino and me, we both communicated in English. I was like yes as that the language we both comfortable with. He said that when he hangs out with his Asians friends, they all talked in their languages and he didn’t understand, and he thought it was rude. And he couldn’t understand what they were talking about. I just smile… I told him, I always have the principle that I will talk in a language that everyone understand as I know the feeling. When I was younger, I mixed with lots of Chinese in my school. I don’t know Chinese language so I understand, but I was lucky as some of my Chinese friends would understand that I was around and hence we will talk in English, although not everyone.
Well, I know this is a sensitive issue. I know like in a group when like many one person doesn’t know the language, I mean minority so that’s why maybe everyone else will talk in their language, but for me, it is not nice, as the person won’t know what the group would talk about and the person would feel left out. It would make one person to feel uneasy etc. Put yourself in the other person’s shoes.
I have experience in that area, it used to bother me lots but I learned from it like… well, I wont hang out more with the group hahaha… I mean fair right.. like why should you go in a group and yet you will feel left out and would not even know what they were talking about. I mean after all, it is a group outing.
My friends back in Ireland, we all agreed that despite like in a group, there were 7 of us Malay and one Irish, we would forbid us from saying anything in Malay as we thought it was rude and we all would converse in English and so everyone knows and join in the conversation etc. It wasn’t hard but some people just cant. I am not to judge. It is just where I came from, we all speak in a language where everyone can join in. Hehehe…
I think Edward’s friend was just trying to ask as he couldn’t understand was it hard to speak and converse in a language that he understands while he was around them. I can relate and understand his point. I won’t comment more. But for me, as long as it is me, my friends won’t have to worry, as I have my principle. Like if I have kieu with me, I won’t speak other language, even if they asked me in Malay, I would respond in English as I have so much respect for her. I won’t want her to feel different etc. For me, this is civil and it is part of civic course, proper behavior and conduct. It reminds me how Dianne always like “Ppl… English!” when with Alvin, Dixson around before hahaha…. When they talked in Chinese in front of her… classic! Well… its all up to you people, what you think about this issue… for me, I will stick to my principle that’s all!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Just a night...

Happy with Natalie...
Dixson blurred with Natalie! hahaha

Just like the book!!
Cheers... success!
Yes... it been good!! Me and Kieu

Last night, we just thought of having a movie marathon with "Lord of the Ring", it was Terry's idea... and we thought why not... have some food. And we tried out mocktails/cocktails... as we have the book. Invited few people like Dixson, Natalie. Rai, Alvin and Belinda came later. It was okay just with playing cards and watching DVDs. With pizza and drinks... just nice...not extreme or too much... good night i must say... Poor Rai he was in between exam! hahaha... so he couldnt enjoy himself to the max ahhaha.... will do another gathering with him must say! Alvin was moderate as i reckon it is not for him to enjoy much as his grandfather died yesterday and Belinda was around so he would be a change and different person slightly (control macho i guess! hahaha) and Belinda was tired.

Anyhow.... it was good... and now its sunday... my relaxing day! hahaha........ see you later!!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

I am not saying that i am selfish and try to be critical over all things. I mean i just writing here to express how i feel. I may be right and i may be wrong. I just hope some people understand that, i dont want or it is not my intention to offend others but i do believe that i have every right to think and express how i feel.
Well, it is normal as now like end of the university sessions that students are leaving or moving out etc. This is pretty much common. Come on, i been studying in Ireland, UK and now here in Oz so i know about this thing. Summer holiday... etc. I am not talking about studying here. what i want to touch is about moving out and leaving. Just like last years, students are moving out and this and that, and people asked for favour for me. I helped lots last year, some are voluntarily and some i did feel compel to do. Maybe i have a soft heart and do not say much that people assume i will be okay with everything. All i remember when i moved, i was on my on... the only person who was there helping was Dianne.... whom offered. Well, you can say as at that time, everyone was home for holiday. Fair enough. Like i made many trps to airport to send them off, and yet i remembered when i took a trip, i didnt depend on anyone and took the bus.
Well, the thing why i talk about this is like last year around this time, recently the same thing happened. I learned from before as now i know how to say "No". But just that some people are not considered when you said no and like you said you busy, they would like "tomorrow.. bla.. bla..." I am like... hmm dont you get the hint, its a "No". And for example, if i said i have errands to do, they would ask, what time you finish and like expecting i would fit them in my schedule. I am like, why me... i mean some of these people i am not even close, i know i am nice etc but thats not the reason to take advantage of me. I know having a car is an advantage but for me, i bought the car for my use not for everyone's else use. Do people think of me if i dont have a car, would i depend on others for transportation for placement for example. When i first came here, i know only Sue Ping... she has a car but not even once i called her for help. Do all on my own, think this and that on my own. And another thing for some people, whom you hardly spent time with despite you know them, suddenly like... "can i stay with you for a while whilst waiting for my flight?" I would not mind if you are one of my closest friends, but if only a friend by name, like we dont even spent time together, i mean other days, you have your own friends, we dont even spent mutual time together and suddenly around this time, all you can think of is me! what happened to all your other friends. I am not selfish but like just dont feel right!
I make sure while i was in Ireland or Uk that i plan my travelling etc... i know with exams etc... for me, u can plan and not like book tickets last minute as you know it would be full and hard. I made plan n make sure i still have place to stay etc. I was a student before too and well money was tight but i made sure all was okay. I noted some people now, would rather spent the money on other things and well just ask people favour for stay, i mean fair enough if you have to take last minute thing etc but make sure you do plan and have back-up and ask people that you know well, not someone that you hardly meet and only ask favour. As it made me think, that you make friend with me for convenient.
While i was in Ireland, when i first moved from Castlewhite to Wilton area, i took the cab to move my stuffs. I couldnt rent a car then so i used cab. It didnt cost that much too. I am not sure about here in Oz... i know the taxi here is not as efficient and cheap as Uk or Ireland. But still that is an option. And i remember in Ireland, i had KaK Anih, Kak Incan whom i was close with and still i never thought that i would ask them for thing like this. As i know if i asked, they would be happy to help. But for me, i am not like that. And when we moved to Eagle Valley for instance, i remember Kak Incan asked us to use her car as she was excited that we moved near her, we didnt take the offer instead we rented a car. As we know she may need the car and moving can be whole day etc so we dont want to obstruct her schedule to fit us in. This is what i called consideration and respect. In Leeds, i always rent a car to move or else taxi as always. No hassle and not bothering others. Just that i dont understand for some people, that as you know them, they have right to ask you (well some didnt even ask but assume!) and make you feel as you are their friends that you are obligated to help. I dont mind helping if people ask nicely and i am free and i want to do it. Just that some like you said "No" they would say things and this and that. Hmm... for me just... what i own is mine and mine. Thats all. And well maybe i expect people to be like me thus why i dont understand why they cant be like me... think and do thing on your own rather than relying to others. I mean like moving, for me before, i did move but plan where to put my thing etc or else i rent the place for the summer, some like that a waste of money but it wont hassle me and i made that choice. I mean like when i mentioned this to a person, that person said about saving money etc, and even said like other people are lazy to move around n hence just paid the summer rent and this person is not like that, fair enough it is this person's choice but for me, thats your choice but why to move this and that, i have to get involved. Taking my time, my car, my fuel...see my point? And what made me think as well, this person has a lot of other friends, but for thing like this... it all comes to me! Maybe as i am easy... dont know... I mean i am not that bad... as if i know you well, i would be happy to help as long as i wont interrupt my schedule, for example, i helped Syubb to move, i offered haha.... anyhow... this is just a thought and not to offend anyone.... ok! till later!

Friday, November 21, 2008

I have been waiting for a feedback from my supervisor... and it has been a while since i submitted my thesis and paper for publishing. I waited and emailed... just to get "Not yet, but it is on top of the pile". I need the thesis as i need to make it into hard cover bind and normal bind for submission and it will take few weeks for them to conclude the result and put the mark online and enable me to participate in the graduation and sort out the registration! Time is running out... i thought by doing it early and i am well ahead of time... but.... it is so frustrating!
I cant sleep... it is about 7am now... and i have errands today so i reckon i wont sleep then!
Yesterday afternoon, i saw someone at Myers... it was unexpected and i wasnt ready and didnt not know how to react to it. What i can say... i thought i am over it but apparently it still hurt me!....
Thus why i didnt want to stay in and decided to go out. And the night was good. Spent some time with Alvin and well had fun. And just chill and relax...despite unable to sleep thinking about errands today and the disappointing email.
Anyhow... i think i will hit the gym in a bit... til later!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Angel was craving for Fidani chocolate and told me... look yummy ah!

And it made me wanting Patchi!! as i think Patchi is one great chocolate brand and the taste..... so so good!!!

Well... will get once i am home!


Hey ppl,
i know i mentioned this before but well, i still find it hard why certain traffic light for certain roads has no arrow to turn right or left. The thing was today i was driving on greenhill road... three cars in front of me couldnt make a right turn at the traffic light and caused of it, i waited like three turns of light! what a waste of time. I couldnt get into the other lane as it was busy and there were long queue of cars behind me that got into the lane and hence i couldnt turn. Hmm.. i am just thinking as it was a big road and very busy, they need to rethink about getting the arrow light. As it was weird, all the other sides have the arrow light apart from this. Hmm... wont make different just one more! hahaha well... i dont know... as this is not my area of experties. Anyhow, i just thought that i had to wait for like three lights turns was like hmmm.....


Well, i am just writing this to share and well, as you all know i am pretty free hence i have plenty of time at hand to think about things. Well it was last week, i received this sms msg from back home, basically from this person asked me whether i could assist this person's sibling whom currently in Australia, was depressed and struggling for the past few months and it would great and highly appreciated if i could help this person's sibling. This person only citing where the sibling was studying (which state) and the name.
My first reaction was hmm... i dont know this person. All i know is that this person got my mobile number from a friend. My dear friend, Meela whom i know is a dearest person and she is one that you can depend on. She always have people interest at heart and would help whoever. She has become among the closest people in my life and she is a dear! I managed to ask her and she did say she was supposed to inform me about it. I was okay with it. The intention was good.
What made me think however is that this person a random person and asked for help. I reckon maybe it was a last measure and really in need of help. But the thing iss that, it is against my work ethics as we have proper channel in terms of seeing a client and there are rules and regulations and i am here as a trainee as well. And the thing is that i am in a different state, not even close! and when this person just cited the name and the place, i was like hmm... you expect me just to look for this person? Thats convenient! I am just like doesnt this person have friends there or like i believe there are system or department such as Learning connection in the University this person could go to and asked for assistance. Well, i know some people are not exposed to lots of things but for me, it is hard to help people when they themselves do not find options to help themselves first and depend on others.
I was like also... how does this person expect i could help? It is against rule and ethics just to give therapy outside. I am not sure this person ever tried to contact me. I mean we are taught to differentiate between friend and clients as we are not paid friend when we give therapy. And this person also comes from health/medical background. I am just wondering how would it feel if i asked this person for service in this person's field, i am betting the person would say go clinic or hospital and proper way to do it. I know what we do, maybe two different fields but still same basis.
What frustrated me is that people tend to ignore the work ethics and the proper way and neglect the fact that i am still a trainee as well and it is not a good practice. Even with friends, i am supposed to be careful in giving advices and always the case we are not to see relatives or friends to avoid biase judgment and the integrity of our profession. I do believe this person knows and bless that this person asks for help. A good step just the approach was wrong. I am saying this as i encountered few like this and it is hard. Even at times, comes from my mum hahahah..... i dont mean bad to say this but its something that i think is good to look at. Maybe it is so as i am here in Oz where this thing is very fundamental while it is not so much so back home. We bent too much i reckon! hahaha... okay people do have a good day! Healthy Mind Healthy Body!!


I thought I write about this family. It is my family. My grandmother’s side. This side is called as the “KELUARGA BUNGSU BIN LAKIM” and it was set up I think about 3 years ago with the main objective of tightening the relationship in the family.
I was around in Brunei around then and I remembered that I attended one of the meetings they had while I was there. And at that time, the main agenda was about the get together “MAJLIS RAMAH MESRA”. And after a series of meeting and setting up committee etc, it was held at ICC. I cant remember the date but it was Sunday and I didn’t get involved much as I remember that I was busy with the ASIA PACIFIC BOCEE COMPETITION SPECIAL OLYMPICS as I was the executive board member for Brunei Darussalam Special Olympics. There were prizes, slide presentations and performances. It was great and a successful one.

Here is my family, Hjh Napsiah Bungsu.....
I was there... came a bit late due to my commitment with Special olympics...

This my aunt dancing with her uncle...

This is my family... before performing!

And in between they had many other events such as trips overseas etc. And this year, they organized sport day. 500 families participated in the event, which took place at the Youth and Sports field in Berakas, Brunei. The 500 families were divided into teams namely `Lancang Kuning' from Hjh Napsiah bin Bungsu family, 'Pahlawan Putih' from Hj Karim and Hj Yahya bin Bungsu family, 'Marak Berapi' from Hj Ibrahim bin Bungsu, 'Jaguh Hitam' from Hj Chuchu and Hj Hamidah bin Bungsu family, as well as 'Wira Bedil' from Hj Yaakob and Hj Abd Razak bin Bungsu family. The event had several activities such as football, children's games, and many more. At the end of the day, there was a prize presentation to the champion of the year 2008, 'Lancang Kuning'. The second place went to `Pahlawan Putih', while 'Marak Berapi' got the third place. “Lanchang kuning” is my family, Hjh Napsiah (my grandmother)! I dont have any pic of the team!...Too bad that I was not even there as I am here in Adelaide. My family sent me the VCD but it was lost in the mail. My family sent twice and it got lost twice!! The Oz post paid compensation… how crap!

I am just to say that the setting up of this family thing is a good idea and we get to know our relatives and etc. I can see that the relationship is more meaningful and stronger now. It is all about coming together and not competing with one another. I guess maybe in future events, it would be good to have the collaboration between each family in that we work together and know each other better. And I am informed that the next agenda is having a gala night and I think I will be around for that!...

Monday, November 17, 2008


Hey, last night i went and had dinner at Taipei restaurant at China town. I was told it was new and thus wanted to check it out. I went with Ho San, Ben, Ken, Yih lun, Amanda and Karen, i think. and well... at first, we thought it was cool.. and we ordered. Food was good but they missed and forgot few dishes that we ordered. Really bad. And the service was not good. The waitresses were all have long and sour face!
Hmm... it was not good... i mean food was okay but service wise... and like... why do they always assume asians are chinese ahaha... i mean the waitress kept talking in chinese and i couldnt undertstand. I mean fair enough i was with a group of chinese hahaha... but still! we in oz man not in Taiwan hahahaha.....anyhow... till later!


Well, i couldn't sleep last night and so i went through my movie collections and came across this indonesian movie, CINTA PERTAMA. This movie is not new and i had nothing else to watch that i thought well, better than nothing huh!

Well, when i watched it before, i was enjoying the songs mostly, especially the Song "Aku tak ingin sendiri" which i like very much last year as the lyrics were really good. The movie had few nice songs sang by the main lead actress Bunga Cinta Lestari. It is her first major movie and i thought she did well and the first album was great too. I remembered it was Iril whom gave me her songs.

Anyhow, the movie started on the engagement day for Alia (Bunga Citra Lestari) with Abi (Richard Kevin), in which Alia looked unsure about. She loved Abi, somehow she didnt feel right. I mean her heart did not feel right still. The very next day, after the engagement party, Abi found Alia was unconsciously sitting near the terrace of her home. After which Alia was sent over to hospital for treatment. She was found to have brain cancer and in a coma state. I think it was aneurysm. Later on, Abi reading through the diary of Alia, which highlighted about Alia’s first love ever since high school days. Its all about her first love to a guy named Sunny, whom she didnt have the opportunity to say or declare her love to. Neither did sunny. They got separated and went on their own wat after their graduation day. Up till Alia’s engagement day, she thought about Sunny and hoping for her first love to come one day.

The movie explored and looked at Alia's first love. And how the relationship developed but like always the case, they were unable to say the magic words, the three words! Sound typical ya... well it is a love movie. Anyhow, Abi thought that the reason behind Alia's condition maybe due to the fact of unfinished business between Alia and Sunny. Abi looked for Sunny and asked him to come and visit Alia. Sunny was then married. It is just nice that there is not much drama like old typical movies as Sunny's wife was understanding (well she was insecure as well, who wouldn't!). And the movie ended up with Sunny's saying the magic words to Alia as it seemed that Alia needed to hear them before passing on.

It is a nice movie, despite the typicalness in it but well, with the nice songs and background music, trust me when i said you will be drawn in it! hehe... and i agree that first love is always meaningful and we remember it well. Not to say the one after is not! hahaha... dont get me wrong ok! its all depend!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

I havent slept... i couldnt sleep and its about 8am now... i played my game last nyte and got into it... but i know that i had things on my mind.... thus i couldnt sleep...
i been having my break at the moment and enjoying my sweet time... and i was looking through my facebook and my msn... i think i must delete people that i rarely talk to or those who dont even bother at all... as i like it to be exclusive in that only friends... and people that i communicate with. or people that make effort to do so... as i dont see the point having a long list and yet we are not friend in the real sense.... anyhow... well... i missed D... i wish she is here now.... as i know only she would understand me.....
Anyhow...i feel i must get some sleep as plan to go dinner n out later with Jackson and Alvin.
Oh ya... one thing i noted is that now is exam time for most students... good luck. It is just funny people seemed to have limited time busy with this and that, study and assignments but still have time to update blog, facebook, on msn... i just find it amusing... come on people do have self control.... i knw all people are different and unique styles but a friend told me how it irritated her that when she noted some people putting postout like suffering on msn on blog while they could have used the time for better used... i told my friend... i have no comment! i have my views but it wont be necessary be okay for others... and i said.. well.. its their life... not our problems! hahaha.... not that i am selfish but at the end of the day, it you yourself know the best or know better for yourself....
i have done my second article for publishing and will work on my third one soon. My my... i cant believe that i am going home in less than 2 months... kind of excited and well mixed feeling too... back to my life, work life... and i know for sure... it would hard to leave my dearest friend kieu here.... we have bonded well this year.... but well it is life.... well...i will catch up again later.... angel i hope all ok with you and dont forget to update me ya!! You know i am just here!! you know where to look for me!

Friday, November 7, 2008


well.. after the basketball... Kenz felt like having something sweet... and so well... he decided to go Sugabowl.... i had to send Hanh home first as it was already late... and she has early day tomorrow... well... send Hanh home and headed back to town... on the way... called Ho San... and asked him to get ready....
Picked him up and we went to Sugabowl... Kieu and Thy joined us but they wanted no pic taken as so tired hahaha.... anyhow... ate and chatted... Yin Lun aka Aaron joined us... Kenz picked him up... we ate again! hahaha..... and chatted about plan for tomorrow etc... and excited about saturday our bowling!
Anyhow... that was my day... i just need to go out and have some fun! and well i am retiring to sleep now and will catch up later.... need to get gift for Bianca tomorrow... her bday for saturday! and well Friday is Terry's day too... must see him! and usual friday for us! anyhow... good nyte... til later!!


well... it is already 10pm... so we made a move to go to Payneham... to watch Kenz and his team playing basketball... it wasnt hard to find the place... all i did was remember what Kenz told me last night.... n managed to get to the place....
They won... despite in the middle... they kinda lost attention and a bit out hahaha... but they won ya!!...
I took Kieu, Hanh and Thy as cheerleaders and i should shout n yell... KENZ! hahaha and i bet that would made him lost more attention!
I missed Basketball... used to play it before back home.... well... old day...


Hey... today was like busy.... wake up late as always... haha... n cleaned the house and waited for 6plus... had dinner plan with Kieu, Hanh and Thy.... at Zapatas...
Just a normal outing for us....
We ordered but the waitress heard wrong and we ended up having varieties of nachos!!
here are some pics!! hehehe... we were so full... and after that we walked around Melbourne street and even took pic at Secure Start Clinic... hahah Yes... Colby's place and took pics for memory! and while waiting for 10pm we went and had coffee....

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Today was a bit tiring... wake up and went out to do some errands n back home for lunch. Went gym a while n rested and fell asleep after finished watching DEVIL WEARS PRADA. Up later in the evening hahahaa... i knw it is not good... went gym again... and Ken Lim joined me and then had supper with him n Ho San.
I finished watching the Jap drama and also the book Twilight yesterday. The book well... it is just okay and i would like to watch the movie as to see how they make it into a movie. The book was just ok... need more character development and details as at times it was just a bit jumpy... and i mean maybe the genre is just not really for me. I am used to read James Patterson's style... i mean i read Harry Potter too and Lord of the rings. Anyhow, will start on the second book NEW MOON soon and see whether it will get better.
And the drama... hahaha... one moral of the drama is that... do something to make thing happened. Only simple words like "I like you" or "I love you" would save you from a lot of trouble. Well, i did experience the same problem like the character in the drama (his name is ken) and well... at certain point i did like "oh damn ken... just say it to the girl!" hahaah and i cant help laughing as when i said that i thought of my fren Ken Lim hahaha.... anyhow... my first love... that was like years ago... i remembered that i like a person and treat the person the best... and yet i never utter the magic words! and apparently for girls, they expect that from us.... and i lost my chance... i remember the person said how i made her confused and she was waiting and waiting.... well apparently we just need to say the words and that would be official while i was thinking like my action spoke more than words! hahaha.... well... that was past... long time over despite maybe i still wont be able to forget but i do move on!
Anyhow... i am trying to do my second paper now and it is slow. I am still blur a bit... will read more journal and figure out... its all here n there at the moment... and well... i need the discussion bit more.... will finish it by end of the week so i can start on my third paper right after! okay.. now is time to sleep.....

Monday, November 3, 2008

I know you are waiting for this Euan! hahaha... well i havent finished the drama as it is nice so i want to take my time but must say it is sweet... well i have another 4 espisodes to go... really nice and good watch... and Kieu... i will finish TWILIGHT tonight! I must say maybe it is the first book that it is a bit lacking in many areas when i compared to other authors but still is nice. I am looking forward to read the second book NEW MOON...
Nothing much really... i had a dream of ex partner... dont want to think much about it as i know i must be strong and move on!! Tnxs Kieu!
I just realised that i only have less than 2 months here... i will book ticket to fly home tomorrow and check with pack n send for my stuffs. So i can get all sorted out! hmm... cant believe.... mixed feeling! hahaha......anyhow... I am enjoying the break now... and well Brooke gave birth to a baby boy! Will visit her! His name Hunter! hehe... ok will catch up later ppl!

Saturday, November 1, 2008


This is a Japanese drama (English title: Operation Love) that Euan gave me and always and persistently asked me “Have you watched it” and he looked disappointed whenever I said “Not yet, still finding the mood!”. He said it is a nice drama and he liked it very much and insisted that I just watched the first episode to start it off. Well, today while I was having my lunch I thought I watched it… he was kinda right… it is a nice drama luckily I have self control that I managed to stop at episode 2 and do my other work i.e. my research paper.

Well.. thank you Euan for giving the drama to me. Something I look forward to watch. Episode 2 the part with the coffee milk and the Randy Bass figure was really nice and sweet! Hahaha….

Anyhow… some pictures about the movies I put them here and just a brief synopsis. The drama is about Iwase Ken and Yoshida Rei had been friends since elementary school. Ken, is obstinate and unskilled in love, but he fell long ago for the lively and cheerful, Rei. But Rei is about to get married to another man. While Ken and other friends from high-school attend the wedding ceremony, a fairy appears and sends Ken back in time, giving him a second chance to win the girl he loves.
Okay… will continue watching the drama later and I know I am supposed to read TWILIGHT too. Oh my….